‘Hyrule Warriors’ A Must Play for Zelda Fans

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With tons of playable characters, different modes and a dark plot this is a must play for gamers of all ages The Legend of Zelda has always been a popular game series for Nintendo. It has been on all of their console systems and a few of the handheld ones. The plot is always pretty […]

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See the Villain in the final “Spectre Trailer’

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Finally fans get to see the new adversary Bond will be facing and just how dangerous they are Bond is a very well known spy. He has been played by many different men over the years and has gone on a lot of dangerous missions. In recent years his exploits have gotten darker and the […]

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‘The Martian’: One Man’s Quest to Survive on a Harsh Planet

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When an accident happens during a storm on Mars, this man is left for dead. And he has to find a way to stay alive for a very long time.

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Why J-Law Is Wrong About Trump


Jennifer Lawrence is right to be worried about Donald Trump, but wrong in thinking that the problem is just about him.

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This ‘Concussion’ Trailer Shows the Dark Side of the NFL

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A startling discovery is made and one man fights to bring the truth out to the masses Football is a beloved sport that fans watch all over the world. The NFL is a powerful corporation that runs the league like a well oiled machine. They have had their issues and problems come up in the […]

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‘The Walk’ Shows the World that Anything is Possible

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One man dares to dream and will risk everything to make it a reality Robert Zemeckis is a director who has made a lot of popular films. He was the man who directed Forrest Gump, Cast Away, Flight and the Back to the Future trilogy. He has found a way to add a special touch […]

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10 Must-See Movies for Creative Guys

charlie chaplin

A surprising list of films that will spark your imagination.

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Sicario’ Says The Border is Just Another Line to Cross

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This film will have you wondering what is going down right to the final moments Films like this do come out every once in a while. The type of movie that has a deeper message that not everyone will understand once it is over. Sicario continues this noble tradition. Do not confuse this movie with […]

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You Have Got to See This ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Teaser Trailer

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Finally fans got to see a bit about this new chapter and what is happening in this universe now Star Wars has a really huge fan base. Since the original trilogy aired these films have only grown in popularity. The special editions was something this writer had the privilege of seeing for himself and it was astounding […]

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Romeo: The Ultimate Good Man Hoax


Jessica Lahitou on some of the pervading notions on a romantic, ideal man, and how they surface and can be explained in Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of the classic “Romeo and Juliet”.

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Check out This Action Packed ‘Hateful Eight’ Trailer

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Eight strangers end up in a cabin in the middle of nowhere and have to survive until the storm goes away Quentin Tarantino is a director with a huge fan base. He is the one who has made films like Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill Vol 1 and Vol 2, and most recently Django Unchained. Each of these […]

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Superheroes: Allegories or Entertainment?


Are there life lessons to be learned from superheroes?

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‘Goosebumps’ Brings the Stories to Life

Goosebumps 2 fix

All the monsters from these books are free and want to wreak havoc on the world   Goosebumps are a very popular long running book series. This writer read many of them himself and found them to be unique and very clever tales from start right down to the final pages. From 1995 to 1998 […]

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Richard Linklaters: Boyhood Was Not For Me


Life is a tragedy when you’re a boy in high school trying to figure out the lens of which life should be viewed through. Can you relate?

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See Some Old and New Faces in This ‘Creed’ Trailer

Creed 3 crop

The Rocky films were very popular. A total of six of them have been made and only one of them was bad. The story they tell each time is a simple one, that if you never give up and push yourself you can beat the odds and accomplish anything no matter how tough it may […]

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See Red Get Angry in the First ‘Angry Birds’ Trailer

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 See how this popular game is landing on the big screen next year Mobile games have become very popular in recent years. There is Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope, Temple Run and yet none of these games are as popular as Angry Birds. There has been the original game, Angry Birds in Space and even Angry Birds […]

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