Game of Thrones and the Fluid World of Medieval Gender


Game of Thrones never even approaches the slippery and surprising world of gender manipulation and redefinition that existed in medieval spirituality.

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Pacific Rim’s Lessons in Positive Masculinity


Harris O’Malley shows us what it means to be a positive male role model.

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‘Daredevil’ Finds New Fans As a Netflix Series


The World needs more Superheroes with handicaps. James Holcomb reviews the newest adaptation of Marvel’s ‘Daredevil.’

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The Renovation of Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber is trying to renovate himself. I call it a Biebernovation.

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Robin Williams Is Back—in the Form of Jamie Costa

Robin Williams by Jamie Costa

Jamie Costa brings back one of the world’s favorite actors with a series of stunning impersonations.

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From The Clash to Stagecoach: Suddenly I’m a Country Music Fan?

Eric Paslay, AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

He spent his youth at rock concerts, and now he’s into country. How did this all get turned around?

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Review of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D

Majora's 2 crop

With some new twists added and better graphics yet the same elements Zelda fans enjoy.

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The Dysfunctional Male Ghost in the Machine


Alex Garland’s Ex Machina examines the collision of technology and sexual dysfunction.

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Remix Your Life


DJ Daddy 2.0 explains the power of the remix for U2 and you?

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‘Get Hard’ Is a Soft Comedy

Get Hard 1 crop

  A film that tries way too hard to be funny This is the directorial debut for Etan Cohen. It stars two funny comedians Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell and seemed to have all the elements of success. It is an original story, has a good cast and yet it was downright terrible. What went […]

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If Don Draper Were to Go to Therapy…

Don Draper Mad Men

Join Max Belkin around the water cooler as he analyzes this enigmatic man.

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12 Headlines We’d Read if Madonna Acted like Older Men


Think older men and women get treated the same by the media? David Toussaint doesn’t.

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Wizard World Comic Con is a One of A Kind Experience

Wizard world sac fix

Popular comic convention returns to Sacramento June 19-21.

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Director Noah Baumbach is an Equal Opportunity Satirist

while-were-young photo A24

The insightful comedy While We’re Young takes aim at multiple generation gaps.

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Are You Jonesing for ‘Game of Thrones’?

Are You Jonesing by Screen Junkies

While you wait for Season 5 of ‘Game of Thrones,’ enjoy this hilarious, NSFW wrap of 1 through 3.

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Seven Questions for a Poet


If you could ask seven questions of a modern poet, what would they be?

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