The Dirty Two Dozen: Movie Bad Guys Who Crack Us Up, Part II

Biff - GMP

Mike Kasdan takes a look the iconic movie bad guys we love to laugh at, from Shooter McGavin to Principal Rooney to Mr. Pink.

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‘John Wick’ Battling Grief with Revenge


James Halcomb reviews ‘John Wick’ and finds a serious portrait of a man battling his own demons.

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Your New Favorite Heartbreak Mixtape


Sami Jankins provides a list of thirteen “not your typical done me wrong” songs to help get you through your latest break up – from angry to over it.

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Raising Children in the Music Industry: An Interview with Dave, Jake, and Casey Hanner


Jake and Casey of ‘Donora’ and their dad, Dave, talk about raising passionate, creative children in the music industry.

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Outlander — The Hiatus Survival Guide


John Patrick Weiss gives a recovery plan to women addicted to men in kilts. That is, Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” books.

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‘Once Upon a Time’ Is a Different Kind of Fairy Tale

Once 2 fixed

There are no women in distress, and monsters are not so easy to see on this hot TV drama.

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The End

sam simon

What do we do when we know we are going to die? Look to Sam Simon for inspiration.

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‘Big Hero 6′ A Must See for Disney Fans of All Ages

Hero 6 4 redone

People will fall in love with Baymax, a puffy robot with a big heart.

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Top 5 Things I’ve Learned from ‘Sesame Street’

sesame street

‘Sesame Street’ is Celebrating Their 45th Anniversary this week. James Halcomb talks about what boys learn by watching this classic show from his childhood.

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6 Incredible Photos of Actors vs the Historical Figures They Played

United Artists/Keystone Images

These A-listers nailed the whole acting thing.

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Garth Brooks Brings Thousands to Tears

GB - Piet Levy

Jana Craft describes the Garth Brooks concert that brought the room to tears and gave hope and encouragement to a woman battling cancer.

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Taylor Swift and the History of Calling Women ‘Crazy’


Nico Lang reminds us that there’s nothing new about the “crazy bitch” trope and praises Taylor Swift for flipping the bird to the entire idea.

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What Good Will Hunting Teaches Us About Men, Shame, and Suicide

Robin Williams

“Shame, fear, isolation, addiction. Shame, fear, isolation, addiction. After a few hundred times through the spiral, men will do anything to get off the ride, including suicide.”

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The Top 5 Best ‘Godzilla’ Movies


James Halcomb shares his Top Five Movies on the ‘Godzilla’s’ 60th Anniversary.

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Could the ‘The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess’ be the Best Zelda Game Ever?


A game with a new villain, new weapons and an unlikely ally.

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This Man Makes Treasure from Trash


Mac Premo is driven to make things out of almost anything he finds. The result? Amazing recycled art.

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