‘A Walk in the Woods’ An Uplifting Journey into the Wilderness

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Two old guys decide to hike the treacherous Appalachian Trail.

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The Evolution of Same-Sex Love in Country Music

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Country radio is often characterized as a timid artistic wasteland, and not without reason. But country’s increasing connection to pop has perhaps given it a bit more flexibility in regards to gender and sexuality than it once did.

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‘Grandfathered’ A Middle Aged Man Gets the Surprise of His Life

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  One bit of news can take your life and turn it upside down   Fox has a number of good shows coming out this Fall, and a few bad ones too. But the one that looks the best to this writer is Grandfathered. It stars John Stamos in a role he has no played […]

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Apocalypse Now: Our Incessant Desire to Picture the End of the World


Art through the centuries proves each generation has seen themselves apocalyptically, although great differences of the actual end are illustrated.

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Dancing With Snakes: A Path to Ecstasy

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Aydan Dunnigan-Vickruck on how dance inspires us, and reveals a deeper universal consciousness.

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Robin Williams and Mental Health Stigma


Mental illness. Physical illness. Why do we react to and treat them so differently? And what harm does that do?

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Lotta Cats Tried To Play Like Him. Ain’t Nobody Done It Yet.

young man with a horn

I first read “Young Man With a Horn” when I was 10. I read it again at 12. At 14. At 22. Every few few years it still gives me a pleasurable evening. You don’t have to love jazz or the Jazz Age to adore this book, you just have to love a great story that gives you a movie you make as you read.

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Don’t Touch My Junk! Lessons from a Junk Artist


I have a friend who loves to talk about his Junk and if you ask nicely, he’ll even show it to you.

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The Lost Art of Aphoristic Reading: A Review of Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s The Bed of Procrustes

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If there’s one thing the chattering classes can’t stand about Nassim Nicholas Taleb, one thing they’ll never forgive him for, it’s this: he’s written a book of aphorisms in the 21st century with an Athenian shopkeeper in mind.

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‘No Escape’ One Father’s Fight to Protect His Family

No Escape 1

  When things go badly with a new job in the worst possible way, this man refuses to stop until his loved ones are safe This is an interesting new film coming out Wednesday. It has a lot of tough to watch images of a country run into chaos when the people are denied basic rights. […]

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Why a Film About the Battle of Algiers Is One You Need to See Today

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It’s August, a month for barbeques and beaches. And here I am with a film about violence and revolution. Why? Because ISIS. Because Jeb Bush thinks we need to go back to Iraq and Trump wants to “take their oil.” And because, if you say you love film but haven’t seen this one, there’s no better time to watch one of the greatest films ever made. Hype? Watch it. You’ll see.

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What Is The New America?

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In a world laden with the rather surface level lyrics of the likes of Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Justin Bieber, Jessicah Lahitou asks songwriters for more. She finds some solace in Halsey’s New Americana.

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Here’s Why Your Kids AND YOU Need To See Inside Out

inside out

“This is not just a kid’s movie.” says Raymond Bechard. “It explains why we need all our emotions, even the “bad” ones.”

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Compton Commodified: NWA Was Always A Blend of Fiction and Reality

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The biopic Straight Outta Compton tells the story of rise and fall of Los Angeles rap group NWA.

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‘American Ultra’ A Stoner with Some Mad Skills

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  Mike Howell one day finds out he has some amazing abilities The stoner movie has been around for decades. It began with comedic stars Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin. They starred in a ton of comedy films and made stoner films very popular. Since then there have been a number of movies that deal with marijuana […]

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The Kids will Explore the Real Skateboard Culture that Inspired Larry Clark’s 1995 Film

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Rich Monetti talks with Hamilton Harris about his new film project.

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