Johnny U: The Life and Times of John Unitas

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As the Super Bowl approaches Jesse Kornbluth tells the story of Johnny Unitas, a football legend.

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‘American Sniper,’ A Review


James Halcomb reviews this year’s most controversial film.

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A ‘Grateful’ Cash Grab


Is America’s once great Jam Band only grateful for the cash? Jerry really is dead, man.

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Breaking Up With The Band

Johnathan Hales

Johnathan Hales used to play in a band before they kicked him out for being an asshole. He reflects on the failed relationship and what he has learned.

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No Oscar for Selma? I Snub You Are, But What am I?

oscar ballot

The real slap in the face is that Selma is clearly one of the best films of the year, and everyone knows it.

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‘Galavant’ A One of a Kind Comedy Extravaganza

Galavant 1 crop

A musical comedy set in medieval times that men should check out.

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23 Men and Their Amazing Beards


There’s almost nothing you can’t do with a beard. Let these beards (and their men) inspire you.

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Idris Elba As A Post-Racial James Bond? Not So Fast


Let’s not ignore the fact that the original James Bonds wasn’t just white. He was a white supremacist.

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Are Hollywood’s Alpha Males Teaching Us the Wrong Lessons About Masculinity?


Imagine if movie heroes could be vulnerable and emotional.

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‘Into the Woods’ Warns People to be Careful What They Wish For

Into Woods 3 fixed

A musical that brings your favorite fairy tale characters together for a different kind of story.

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Two Thumbs Up for ‘Life Itself’

Life Itself

James Halcomb reviews the film about one of the most legendary film critics of all time.

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Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Welcomes you to Level 7

Shield 1 crop

A new show by Joss Whedon that fills in the gaps of the Marvel cinematic universe.

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This Guy Transforms Himself into Pop Divas. One Word: Amazing!


Meet Mina Gerges, a Canadian medical student. He has a unique Instagram hobby.

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