Days of Our Lives Star Guy Wilson Felt Privileged to Be Part of Gay Male Wedding

days of our lives guy wilson

Greg Hernandez reports that the actor has only been a part of the cast since January, but already he is a part of daytime television history.

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Hip Hop Archive: MTV Killed Hip-Hop


The writer once wrote about hip-hop. In this piece, we look back at how he strongly felt about MTV’s drift from hip-hop programing.

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Macondo Mourns as the Yellow Butterflies Flutter Off: Gabriel “Gabo” Garcia Marquez (1927-2014)

gabriel garcia marquez

“The only regret I will have in dying is if it is not for love.” — Gabriel Garcia Marquez. (1927-2014)

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Hip Hop Archive: You Tube Is The Way To A Record Deal


The writer once wrote about hip-hop, a lot. In this limited series, he takes a look back at pop culture through a hip-hop lens.

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Coming Soon: The Fault in Our Stars


John Green’s fantastic book, The Fault in Our Stars, is being made into a movie. Hopefully it can live up to the reputation of the original.

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One Direction Rollercoaster: On Hannah Hovarth as a Writer


Sure, HBO’s breakout hit is about characters, relationships, and transitioning into adulthood, but it’s about something else: the writing life.

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These 5 Albums Are Hated, Ignored or Both, But I Will Defend Them Forever and Ever and Ever


Not everything can be genius every single time. But among these disappointments there is often gold and that’s what this post is about.

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Dear Artists: We Need You Now More Than Ever

dear artist

The world is getting more confusing. Eric Shapiro reminds us why we need you.

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One of the First Bands I Truly Loved Is Breaking Up


Christian Clifton laments hearing the news of the impending break up of one of his all time favorite bands; Anberlin.

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An Open Letter To The Creators Of ‘How I Met Your Mother’

how i met your mother

Upset about the HIMYM finale? So was Amanda Sabater. Here’s why.

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New And Old Rappers Alike Pay Homage To Nas’ ‘Illmatic’ In 20th Anniversary Documentary


Nas’ classic album influenced a ton of rappers over the years. Many of them are in this video.

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Game Of Thrones: Overtly Male or Covertly More?


Shawn Peters believes that HBO’s sword-series cuts both ways.

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Three Men on Why We Still Love Three Stooges

The Three Stooges

The Three Stooges celebrate their 84th anniversary this year. Jay Snook asks some fans why they’re still so beloved.

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“Good Dads” A TV Show That Smashes Stereotypes


Will Conley gives a behind the scenes look at an upcoming docudrama that will highlight the complex realities faced by millions of single young fathers every day.

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Kurt Cobain: 20 Years Later

AP photo

The big secret of grunge was that it didn’t describe a style of music, fashion, or even attitude. It was the line where the misfits finally broke through. By Sean Beaudoin.

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End Of An Era: David Letterman Will Retire In 2015

David Letterman

It’s the end of an era for late night talk shows, as the last of the reigning kings steps down.

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