Would a Penniless Mr. Darcy still be Mr. Darcy?

Pride & Prejudice2

Are we more than the sum of our parts and should arbitrary circumstances of birth determine our chance for happiness

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Veteran Actor/Director: Richard Attenborough, Dies Age 90

richard a

The passing of an icon of cinema is marked today.

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‘Expendables 3′: An Explosive Action Packed Adventure

Expendables-3-Poster fixed

The Expendables crew are back together for one last ride.

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Love is Strange

love is strange

John Lithgow, Alfred Molina, and Marisa Tomei star in what may be an unexpected hit about love, marriage, and moving in with your kids.

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‘The Giver’: The Book Brought to Vivid Life

The Giver

This movie gives viewers a glimpse of a unique society that is perfect, or is it? — I remember reading this book when I was a kid, and it was a wonderful.  It had an interesting plot, and told a tale that you don’t see much these days. When I heard a film was being […]

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‘Breaking Bad’ Star RJ Mitte On Changing the Way the World Sees Disability Through Hollywood

RJ Mitte

Paul F. Thompkins sits down with the actor who played the iconic Walt Jr to talk about life as an actor with Cerebral Palsy.

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War Paint: New Images of Men and Masculinity

Blue Surrender

Artist Paul Richmond challenges views on masculinity and the male form in his new series, War Paint.

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Welcome To ‘Girl Meets World’

girl meets world

Corey & Topanga’s ‘Boy Meets World’ reimagined for a new generation. — Were you a fan of Boy Meets World and curious what is new with those lovable characters, Corey and Topanga? Well this show gives you a glimpse of what life has brought for them. It debuted on the Disney Channel on June 27, and so […]

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Crips on Camera: We’re a Documentary

Blair Fukumura and Andrew Morrison-Gurza

Andrew Morrison-Gurza talks about what it means for people with disabilities to see/hear their stories on the big screen.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Explains Why He’s A Feminist


Joseph Gordon-Levitt isn’t afraid of the feminist label.

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A Change is Gonna Come

Sam Cooke, 1931-1964

Among the things that 1964 brought to the world was the song, “A Change is Gonna Come”, inspired by events of the Civil Rights Movement.

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‘Can I Call You Hannah?’


Spoken word artist Christopher Michael has a few serious questions he wants to ask Miley Cyrus.

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They’re All About That Bass

Home Free Vocal Band

It’s a positive message, brought to you by a 5-man a capella group and a female pop singer.

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Transmormon Sheds Light on Trans Members of the LDS Church


A new documentary sheds light on the struggles transgender people in the LDS Church face, and the power of a loving, supportive family.

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‘The Quest’ Breaking New Ground in Reality TV


Go Medieval with The Lord of The Rings meets The Amazing Race on ABC — Are you looking for something different in Reality TV? Well, here it is! What happens when you get the makers of The Amazing Race, The Lord of the Rings’, and The Blair Witch Project together? You get “fantasy-reality.” Variety calls […]

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‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’: Heroes in a Half Shell are Back


TMNT Returns! Go see this one with the whole family.

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