11 Ways For the Groom to Add His Touch to the Big Day


Grooms, check out this list for some easy ways to get involved in planning your wedding that will leave you feeling good and make your big day one of a kind.

I’ve heard guy friends of mine say when they get engaged that they don’t really know how to help their bride-to-bes because they often feel ambivalent towards some of the decisions or don’t know where their contributions would be most helpful. The first tip I give them is: talk to your fiancee and find out. Not only will she know where the holes in the planning are but she’ll also likely have things that she wants your input on. The two of you can create an awesome wedding together. If both of you are still unsure about ideas, here are some things to start with from POPSUGAR! The second tip: have fun.

If your guy isn’t quite sure how to get involved in the wedding planning, consider this his simple idea cheat sheet. With a range of options related to style, creative projects, and the nitty-gritty to-dos, we’ve rounded up a variety of fun ways for him to add his touch to the big day. Share these tips with your husband-to-be to help him find ways to contribute — and take a few things off your list!

5 Ways to Revive Your Relationship

1.  By Sporting His Favorite Fashion Statements


2.  By Picking a Meaningful Venue


3.  By Planning a Fun Morning With the Guys


4.  By Picking Out the Smaller Details


5.  By Brewing Beer For the Reception


6.  By Planning Fun Styles For the Guys


7.  By Creating the Wedding Playlists


8.  By Picking a Surprise First-Dance Song


9.  By Organizing Bridal Party Gifts


10.  By Giving a Special Toast


11.  By Choosing a Cool Getaway Car


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  1. The first tip I give them is: talk to your fiancee and find out.

    Man. Sorry to be blunt, but if you need this advice, maybe you should think again if you’re ready for this marriage thing. Seriously – you have a lifetime ahead of you, and a life to be lived together. There will be decisions and plans of far greater consequence than what to wear at the wedding or what to have on the playlist. If you haven’t figured out this “talk to each other” idea yet, it’s more than a little overdue.

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