2.5 Men

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Uncle Woofie has had a career in signs & graphics since the days when signs were made with a stick with a hank of hair on the end of it, and is a freehand airbrush artist. Not to mention a fan of figgerin' out this whole "good man" bi'ness.


  1. The show sucks now! The entire premiss of the it was originally centered on our suppressed terror that Charlie Sheen was tangentially responsible  for the emotional development of a young impressionable boy. WTF is the Pay off for the show now? 


  1. [...] 2.5 Men — The Good Men Project A comedy with people doing the right thing without fail, who are noble, intelligent, and sympathetic at all times, is what we all aspire to in our lives. In a comedy series, it's duller than dammit. Add to that the idea that it is wise to . [...]

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