Artist Celebrates the Strength and Grace of Men

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  1. Looks a little like more unrealistic expectations of men! P^) I tried a Vinnie Marino and ended up in the Emergency room.

    Pity that the artist was not looked at closer – given that his whole portfolio of work contains such gems a Prison Yoga, which in so many ways goes back to the un-sexy roots of where this place came from. Unrealistic sells and reality pays the price again.

    • Joanna Schroeder says:

      Instead of looking at it in the negative, MH, you could reframe it and realize that every day we look at celebrity and athlete bodies – and see that these guys are doing something different. We can then be grateful to see a bit of diversity in masculinity as exemplified here.

      I think Robert’s collection here is beautiful. A diverse group of men who are bonded together by yoga, different men with different interests and personalities, all strong in a quiet way that doesn’t beg to be on a poster in some kid’s room. A masculinity founded on a quiet strength.

      It’s lovely.

      • Joanna – I’m the queer guy with the roving eye…. remember P^)

        I have no issue with interesting forms of men, and you aint seen my etchings. But content is not just about aesthetics it normally is kept on message. It’s easy to look at cutsy images and miss the deeper message – which is why I have pointed to the “Prison Collection” – which chimes with the origins of this site and make you have to think about The Goodness issues and not get distracted by some Abs and Glutes!

  2. Wow. Stunning portraits, Robert. It’s refreshing to see less “macho” portraits of masculine strength – portraits that capture the strength and gentleness, as you say. Well done.

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