Two Musical Brothers, One Brilliant Song

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Ben Draiman covers big brother David’s hit “Stricken.”

Imagine this: You’re a child prodigy growing up in Chicago—only thirteen years old and already a singer/songwriter/pianist. So far so good, right?  Now imagine that your older brother is David Draiman, lead singer of Disturbed and Device.

What do you do with that? Well, if you’re Ben Draiman you embrace it. When he released his cover of “Stricken” a couple of weeks ago Draiman said: “Today I pay tribute to one of the best hard rock/metal bands in the past decade. I pray I’ve done it the justice it deserves.”

The two brothers couldn’t be more different musically, but what’s really cool about comparing the two versions is how each gets the song’s emotional weight across:

Don’t misunderstand: Ben’s not swimming in his older brother’s wake. He has his own thing going on in Israel, his current home, where he performs and records. His EP The Past is Not Far Behind is a solid six song song showcase both for his songwriting and his skill as a performer. Album opener “Soon Enough” is a power ballad in dire need of a movie soundtrack:

Here’s what Draiman says about his songwriting:

The personal nature of my songwriting is something that, at this stage, distinguishes me from others. It all depends on the place from where the music comes from, and for me, it’s still utterly pure — I have no audience in mind and no market in mind. It’s a personal, therapeutic experience for me and ultimately, I think that’s what people can relate to. You don’t need to be the best singer or piano player, but when you give something else, when you mean every word of what you sing, that can be even more important.

Those of us stuck stateside should get a chance to see Ben Draiman live in 2014. Keep an eye on his website for more info.

But until then, do yourself a favor and pick up The Past is Not Far Behind.

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