Betting Man

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Todd Mauldin (@mrtavo) is a musician, writer and artist living in Reno, NV. He blogs at


  1. NIce Post Todd!

    Camera moving was driving me nuts… :-) but I was able to focus on the message…

    I’ll be making some bets in the future… Good Lord Willin, I will have something on my Home Office Wall to amaze my children and grandchildren.

    Thanks for the idea! I will put it to work in my life… Wish I had a signed dollar from my Dad… but perhaps I’ll pick a few up from my children…

    God Bless You, You Hell Raiser you!
    Hasta Manana…

  2. Great writing and great idea, Todd. More fun and sentiment are things I can use in my life.

    By the way, love the website and the songs. You guys gotta come play NYC.



  3. Thanks for the post Pard:
    Most often my memories are just that, memories. I think about past happenings all the time, sometimes rue but sometimes glory in what has happened on this journey. Your way could inspire stories to inquisitors as to how why and when. Always enjoy your musings….

  4. I don’t know if it’s part of a family that works too dang much; watches too much tv; is too polite to gamble, drink, or joke; or if it’s just growing up in the sprawling suburbs … but many of us don’t have any traditions like this at all. I wonder how many of us have adults in our lives that either ignore us or just play it safe, trying so hard not to color outside the lines that they don’t put color to paper to begin with. Right now, I’m processing this story from the perspective of boys and girls, all the children (and otherwise) who would LONG to save a gift from someone close to them.
    The thing just needs to be given and given, again.

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