There’s No Superman in Man of Steel

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  1. Cornelius Walker says:

    Tell the truth, this was all just a post hoc rationalization for why you really didn’t like the movie: the missing red underwear.

    • Jameseq says:

      speaking of underwear.
      i find the groin, or absence of it, on the new superman quite interesting. that ‘groin plate’ is far too small for the suit. thats the first thing that hit me when i saw the redesign.
      makes him look very odd.

  2. wellokaythen says:

    The sci-fi aspect was just the form that the movie took. At heart it’s not really a superhero movie or a science fiction story.

    It’s basically an allegory about interracial adoption. What do you do when your adopted child is curious about his origins? How does he relate to people from his country or subculture of origin? What do you do when you have one lost biological father and one adopted father who you think of as your real father? What do you do as an adolescent when you feel like you’re from another planet and no one seems to understand you? Do you keep your origins secret, or do you embrace them?

    Watch it again with this in mind and you can’t not notice it. Any white Americans adopting a baby from China should see it.

    Tune in later when I explain how World War Z is basically an allegory expressing deep-seated anxiety about illegal immigration.

    • wellokaythen says:

      Or Man of Steel could just be the vehicle for the break-out launch of the actress Antje Traue. More of her, please….. : – )

  3. superman takes alot of lives, only fake fans would claim hes never killed.

    superman can kill but he saved it for other supers like zod or titan usually although he killed to humans who found out his identity

  4. I think you are missing the point that (clearly) this film will have sequels. If you look at the Batman films (and it makes sense to do so, since Man Of Steel was written by Goyer and Nolan, just like TDK), you essentially have three Batman’s across each three of the films – 1) an emotionally broken loner, 2) a hero who exists to put the city ahead of himself 3) a reluctant hero/martyr.

    The idea that Superman as a character would be ‘perfect’ or all things you might expect him to be fresh out of the oven (given that he doesn’t even put on the suit until half way through the film), is a case of missing the point. I think the Superman you speak of is still to come

  5. KC Krupp says:

    The very early Superman was not a paragon of morality, in fact for his first several issues he was a tool (If you hang out at Cracked at all they like to remind their readers of this on a semi-regular basis.) My guess is the Chris is right and that the first movie was supposed to display him before he really “becomes” Superman.

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