Class Acts: Hollywood’s Actors Who Went to College

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  1. wellokaythen says:

    Three programs simultaneously? That explains why James Franco almost never showed up for his NYU film class and slept in the ones he did attend. It makes me wonder why he had that professor fired for giving him a D, when he was already getting two other degrees.

  2. wellokaythen says:

    Hang on a minute. I got stuck on the James Franco one and fired off a response before reading all the others.

    So, on this list “went to college” includes people who went for a year and then left and never went back. I’m not sure what the audience or message is for this article. All you need for success in the entertainment biz is a brief stint at a college or university? The people with graduate degrees are essentially just as cool and successful as the ones with only a year of intro classes? A 100-level Drama class is all you need to springboard to a successful acting career?

    A semester or two is all you need to “get your smarts”?

    • creative_username says:

      It’s not that they were geniuses and suddenly dropped out to succeed in Hollywood. They obviously worked in the industry before they attended school and took opportunities that their schools could never offer. That’s all they did.

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