Eight Life Lessons For Men From Horror Movies

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About Ally Fogg

Ally Fogg is a writer, journalist and community media organizer based in Manchester, UK. He writes extensively on male gender issues in The Guardian and elsewhere. His own gender blog is Heteronormative Patriarchy for Men.


  1. “Neither the author nor the publisher endorse or recommend the use of dismemberment, immolation or psychogenic exorcism as a lifestyle option or a solution to relationship problems.” BWAH HAW HAW HAW!!! (aw…rats.)

  2. I need to see Zombie Strippers!

  3. wellokaythen says:

    10. Safety in numbers. When there’s a savage monster on the loose, don’t break up your large group into smaller and smaller units and send them off in different directions. Don’t go off on your own with a bad flashlight.

    11. Before going down to the planet as part of a Star Trek away team, check the color of your shirt. If it’s a red shirt, call in sick.


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