First Time’s a Charm: Celebrities Share First Love Stories

Celebrities dish about their first loves.

How do they feel about love at first sight? Who did Zac Efron first fall in love with? How does Rihanna feel about Chris Brown now? Tara Block brings us a collection of celebrities’ first loves

In theaters today is 10 Years, about a group of friends going to their 10-year high school reunion. At the center of the story is Channing Tatum‘s married character, who must face his first love (possibly rekindling the romance). We never forget our first, whether it’s your first love, your first kiss, or your first big breakup. And in another example of “celebrities—they’re just like us!” many stars have opened up about that special first relationship and how it’s made an impression on them. Check out what these famous men and women have said about their first loves and crushes now!

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Zac Efron

“I had a crush on my babysitter growing up … She was amazing. Her name was Brooke. She was about to be in college and I was in third or fourth grade … I found her captivating … I fell in love with her the first time I saw her … She writes me handwritten letters just to check in.”

— On his first crush

Carey Mulligan

“I don’t think it’s overrated. I think in retrospect you probably see it differently. But at the time it is everything to you. It is the greatest feeling in the world. I think it’s only when you look back on things that you think maybe they were not as real as you believed or weren’t as significant. People get married when they’re 18 and spend their whole lives together. I think their greatest fear is that someone will see it as a fling because they were young and it didn’t mean anything.”

— On remembering her first love

Justin Timberlake

“Honestly, I mean, you know, we’re not perfect. I don’t judge anybody. It’s just young love … It was a very intense relationship—that’s for sure.”

— On his relationship with Britney Spears

Emma Stone

“I was crawling on the floor. I remember throwing up. I remember being on the floor … I have never felt anything quite like that. It was so visceral. It’s like someone has killed you and you have to live through it and watch it happen … It was awful.”

— On her first breakup at 14

Taylor Lautner

“It was sometime in junior high. I don’t remember what year, but it was definitely in junior high. I think it was just with a random girl from school. I mean, it’s not like I walked up to her and was like ‘You’re just a random girl and I’m going to kiss you,’ but just a girl from school, and we had a little thing in junior high.”

— On his first kiss

Jane Lynch

“My first love, you mean like in my head or actual? My first love in my head, believe it or not, was Ron Howard. I don’t know [if he knows]. He will soon; I’m writing a book.”

— On her first famous crush

Lena Dunham

“My relationship with Noah had, I realized, ended two years before, to the day—on Aug. 17, 2008—after a year-and-a-half of dating that felt like 50. The emotional acrobatics involved turned my heart into a hardened little gymnast with tiny tits and a leotard wedgie. Although I usually refer to him as ‘that interpretive dancer I dated,’ Noah was, in fact, my best friend and arguably the only man I’ve ever truly loved.”

— On her first love

Chace Crawford

“Oh, my goodness, it was like sixth grade. My first girlfriend, Kiley, she was my best friend’s twin sister. I’m actually good friends with her today.”

— On his first kiss


“I think he was the love of my life. He was my first love and I see that he loved me the same way. I truly love him. The main thing for me is he’s at peace. I’m not at peace if he’s not happy or he’s still lonely. I care. It actually matters that he finds that peace.”

— On her first love, Chris Brown

Frank Ocean

“I was 19 years old. He was too. We spent that Summer and the Summer after together—every day almost. Sleep I would often share with him. By the time I realized I was in love, it was malignant. It was hopeless. There was no escaping, no negotiating with the feeling, no choice. It was my first love. It changed my life.”

— On his first love

Jesse Eisenberg

“Nineteen. It was on the first date I went on, with the girl I am dating now.”

— On when his first kiss happened

Selena Gomez

“I maybe had a first love and had my heart broken, but reflecting on it, I don’t think that was love. I think that was just me being 15 and going, ‘Oh, my gosh! I know I’m in love. I’m going to marry him.’ So I don’t think that was love. I think as I’m getting older and having more in-depth relationships, maybe I’ll experience it. At the moment, I don’t know, exactly, if I’ve been in love.”

— On her first love

Jackson Rathbone

“When I was 13, I was dating a girl two years older than me. We dated on and off for two years. I heard she recently got married, so I won’t say her name, but she still holds a special place in my heart.”

— On his first kiss

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