James Deen on Venturing Outside of the Porn World He Loves

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  1. Guest Reader says:

    James Deen is able to pick and choose the projects he wants to do and/or support – both adult and mainstream. He always contends that he does what he wants. How did he go from his first interview with Amanda Hess here, where she writes “Deen stopped working for one site because he found the plots “a little rapey”, to his celebrity spotlight brightly illuminating a growing number of gang rape scenes at kinkdotcom? These scenes depict hate based brutal violence on young women. The elements are gang rape, torture, with anti-religious, and clear anti-woman themes – women being punished because they are women! These scenes may be billed as consensual and “what women fantasize”, but they are nevertheless deeply disturbing with a “snuff” appeal intended to arouse in physically hurting women (Deen does not just pretend).

    Our college and university campuses (even high schools) have a serious rape culture problem. We are in a world-wide cultural crisis in recognizing women’s rights.

    Any positive message, integrity, respecting everyone around you, or social responsibility is nulled ….as are Deen’s “good men” comments in previous interviews.

  2. As a rape survivor, and as someone who engages in bdsm, and as a fan of James Deen, I can tell you that I’ve never felt disrespected or oppressed by the porn on kink.com. Anyone who is submissive knows that the truly dominant person- the one who is truly in control- is the one who is being submissive because they are allowing the other person to dominate them. Women can enjoy violent sex- so long as it’s consensual, and everyone is having a good time, then it’s okay. We shouldn’t blame the porn industry for violence against women- porn is not real and it’s not education. The problem isn’t with porn, it’s with actual rape culture; it’s with the real life ignorance and lack of education in society about why/how all kinds of sex can be consensual and positive.
    And we shouldn’t shame anyone for having their kinks, whether they be tame or extreme. Shaming only perpetuates real rape culture and causes women to feel guilty and ashamed of their desires.

    • Guest Reader says:

      Model complaints at kinkdotcom document that “everyone” is NOT having a good time. The comments of the subscribers do not include the exhilaration of consent or submissive control. Do you feel respect for women of all cultures and religions when you read the comments for Deen’s gang rape feature “Christian Speed Dating” or in the dialog of the scene? James Deen’s popularity enables a negative sexuality under the guise of kink, “consensual rape”. The shame is that young adults feel pressure to consent to various forms of abuse to win affection. (real life corollary Steubenville, Ohio Rape Case). I will never forget a photo Deen posted on his blog of a young model (Cassandra Nix) with deep welts where the skin had been broken and bleeding from a vaginal tear. I find this kind of product and Deen’s sadism disturbing.

  3. Hank Vandenburgh says:

    I think that kink is intrinsically the anti-sex. If we are schooled solely by porn, we can’t see this, of course, because porn is always about some level of kink, even if it’s just the kink of standing at a remove from lovemaking and using the gaze instead of the body. So, my no doubt essentialist position is that porn is a really bad teacher, which JD acknowledges, of course. I think that, by embracing S&M, we avoid therapy for all of the sexual destruction in our pasts. I would also include the destruction caused by repression here, not just that caused by “inappropriate” indulgence. Fetishes (kink) can concentrate energy, it’s true, but they prevent really deep energy from entering into lovemaking.


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