Is This the Most Sexist Show on Television?

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Travis Marmon is the Good Men Project's resident heavy music fan. A college senior, he previously wrote for his local newspaper, the Oakland Press. He writes music reviews for He is an Editor-in-Chief of the Wooster Voice, the College of Wooster's student newspaper.


  1. It’s the progressive school of sexism, “Of course I believe in equality, now be a dear and fetch me a cup of coffee.”

  2. “Sorkin won’t stop until every character on this show tries to get with every other character.”

    Naw, I’d refine that to say Sorkin won’t stop until every female character on his show tries to get with every male character. God forbid the man write a queer character.

    But yeah, Sorkin’s been pretty rubbish at writing female characters for his whole career. Even The West Wing, with CJ, kinda still ended up making her spastic in her love life and often prioritising her love life in a way that none of the male characters ever did.

  3. “Every woman at ACN is either technologically incompetent, terrible at romance or just plain stupid.”

    To be fair, the men on the show are also terrible at romance and often stupid.

    The show has a female executive producer, and a female company owner….

    The economics anchor is a woman who is very smart and totally socially ignorant (like most male economists).

    I think that you are looking for sexism.

    • Not to sound to snappy but I do notice that when pointing out horribly written male characters there is a rush to point out the male staff behind the show.

    • I hate to say it, because I love to yell about sexism too, but I agree with Mike here, mostly.

      I think we forget that a lot of us did stupid shit when our companies set up an “all” email option. Mostly because that “all” email option was configured stupidly and was quickly changed. My best friend once emailed a photo of her finger wrapped in gauze dressed up like a slut (she’d just gotten stitches and couldn’t type so she was bored and used makeup and even cut a little bra for it). Now, this is a feminist woman in a really competitive business environment that has dealings overseas, mostly in China. It was a brand new system and she meant to send it only to her assistant but it sent to “all”… Even China. She ran upstairs and the tech guy was able to get into everyone’s accounts (somehow) and deleted all of them but 10 people had read it. She almost got fired.

      So when MacKenzie did it, my husband was like, “Is she a MORON?” and I said, “OMG Danielle did that five years ago!!”

      Anyway, my biggest agreement here is that Sorkin did seem to do a major reach with Sloane and Don – there was never chemistry there, and they just invented it.

      Sorkin’s shows are never perfect. They’re always bad in that snooty Sorkin rant-heavy way that they are. Same with Shonda Rhimes. But his shows are 10x better than almost anything else you can watch.

      And yes, everyone on the show is stupid and does stupid shit! And Will fucks up terribly and pays consequences! He’s certainly a savior to others only in the way that rich arrogant guys always are. But nobody thinks he’s perfect, in fact they assume the worst of him.

      And it was very obvious when the show started that everyone recognized Maggie should never have had that job. That was the whole point. She got the assistant job by accident, she was totally unqualified. Then MacKenzie promoted her on the spot because she reminded her of herself, not because she was qualified. At least they face that head-on. And trust me, there are tons of smart girls like Sloane who are totally clueless about interpersonal stuff.

      • Destined says:

        OMG I totally agree with you! You hit the nail on the head, ESPECIALLY about the DonxSloan pairing. For the life of me I can’t understand why must Sorkin make this contrived relationship happen, and all signs are pointing that it will……and I’m dreading it. I thought I was the only one that saw ZERO chemistry whatsoever b/t them and it breaks my heart they are going to be forced paired. They are two strong characters that stand well on their own and I’m afraid they’re going to turn me off once they become official. I really don’t won’t that b/c Sloan is my fave female character and I don’t want her ruined. You can tell its like out of nowhere too b/c even Olivia seems reluctant when asked about it. Watching them be romantic will be so weird and awkward, I can’t even……loved all what you said though!

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