Laugh Along with Our Favorite 2012 Videos from Jon Stewart

Giggle along with the 10 best videos from our favorite Daily Show comedian.

We’re such huge fans of Stewart that we thought it would be fun to give you a handful of our favorite clips from The Daily Show. These clips expose our deep political flaws while making us laugh our guts out.

Jon Stewart turns 50 today! The irreverent silver fox had an eventful election year, bringing much-needed laughs to the seemingly endless campaign. With so many women’s issues on the forefront this year, we especially appreciated the dose of cutting analysis Jon mixed in with the humor each night. We could often thank The Daily Show for bringing more attention to the troublesome stances taken by politicians, and we’re sure Jon didn’t mind some of the more ridiculous moments. Todd Aiken’s horrifying comment that women can’t get pregnant from “legitimate rape” practically begged for a Jon Stewart takedown, which Jon provided by imagining other superpowers a woman’s lady parts might possess. To celebrate Jon’s big 5-0, here are 11 of our favorite Jon Stewart clips from the year.

All the Single Ladies

In November, more married women voted for Mitt Romney, while single women went for President Obama. That got Fox News thinking that single women are just selfish and abortion obsessed. Kristen Schaal helped Jon mock such attitudes.


The War on Christmas vs. the War on Women

Leave it to Jon to point out how a certain cable news station hypes the “war on Christmas” while downplaying the “war on women.”


Mitt Needs Moms

At one point during the presidential campaign, Jon dissected Mitt Romney’s appeal to stay-at-home moms.


Sex and Spies

Following revelations of the Petraeus affair, Jon went after pundits who were looking for more drama out of this already sordid sex scandal.


Republican Candidate Said What About Rape Now?

After Senate candidate Richard Mourdock one-upped Todd Aiken’s “legitimate rape” comment, Jon Stewartpointed out the GOP’s growing rape problem.


Extremely Loud and Incredibly Gross

Jon was really grossed out by Rush Limbaugh after Rush called Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a slut and a prostitute for advocating for birth control coverage.


Womanly Superpowers

After Senate candidate Todd Akin said a woman can’t become pregnant from “legitimate rape,” Jon Stewartimagined other magical powers a vagina might have.


The Invention of the Vibrator Makes Jon Blush

In June, Maggie Gyllenhaal went on The Daily Show to talk about her latest project, Hysteria, a movie about the invention of the vibrator. Maggie wasn’t ashamed to talk openly about vibrators, female sexuality, and orgasms, but Jon Stewart wasn’t quite as cool and collected.


Herman Cain’s Black Walnut Magic

Herman Cain took heat for an alleged affair during the GOP primary. So Jon wondered why Cain’s supporters would now back Newt Gingrich, who has had at least two.


The Vagina Ideologues


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