New Images of Men on New Girl

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About Heather McLendon

Heather McLendon is a writer and social media specialist in Portland, Oregon who ruminates about television, media, feminism, and pop culture at her website.


  1. tom matlack says:

    Have to admit Heather I am with you. Love this show.

  2. Have never watched the show (and honestly am not in the market for a new sitcom to follow) but I wanted to say I LOVE your last three paragraphs and shared them verbatim (with credit and link) on Facebook. You about perfectly summed up my view on gender relations.

  3. Thanks for the article Heather, it’s good to see this.

  4. “We need to stop the us vs. them language. Men and women need to battle inequality collectively. If we keep using the blame strategy or finger-pointing or “versus” speech, we will never attain true equality.”

    If only more feminist think like this, I bet we would have more men supporting feminism.

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