Revitalizing Androgyny

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About Adam Polaski

Adam Polaski is a rising senior journalism major at Ithaca College, where he enjoys writing, reading, and procrastinating entrance into the big, bad, post-academia world. He also writes for The Bilerico Project and The New Gay. Email him at apolaski7[at]gmail[dot]com.


  1. wellokaythen says:

    This boils down to a highly subjective double standard about showing male and female bodies. Presumably, if the androgynous model on the cover had covered nipples, it would not have been such a big deal. Does it strike anyone else as arbitrary that it’s socially acceptable to see a man’s nipples on a magazine cover but not a woman’s nipples? Why is that a determinant of whether a photo is obscene?

    I’m curious, academically, what was the tripping point for the photo in terms of showing a “feminine” head. If his hair were more “masculine,” would have been so bad? If he had slightly different curls and different make-up, I guarantee the image would not have been as controversial. That seems pretty arbitrary to me as well.

    I think it’s a great juxtaposition to have that magazine cover right next to the cover of a fundamentalist Muslim leader of Iran. A nice reminder that Iran is not the only country with two different covering standards for men and women….

  2. JohnAGJ says:

    To each his or her own I guess, but the look is not something I particularly care for myself.

  3. Nightstallion (T.Bradley Perry) says:

    Andrej Pejic is a beast. Albeit a very beautiful beast and good for the heart to look at. He is a beast none the less and desireable to men and women . . . . . is it any wonder? If he is selling tickets to dance I want to buy a book.


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