Songs You Probably Shouldn’t Play at Your Wedding

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About Mark Sherman

Mark Sherman is editor of the Boys Initiative blog (, and also writes one for Psychology Today (Real Men Don’t Write Blogs). He received his Ph.D. in psychology at Harvard, and has taught, researched, and written on gender issues since coauthoring Afterplay: A Key to Intimacy in 1979. Having three sons and four grandsons, he is especially interested in how boys and young men are doing both in and outside of school.


  1. “True Companion” was our wedding song, and it still chokes me up almost 20 years later.

    Interestingly, a few years back we attended the wedding of friends who are die-hard metalheads, and they chose Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” as their song…surprisingly appropriate, even if the parents and grandparents found it a bit, shall we say, awkward.

    And the first song they played to open the dance floor to everyone else? Pantera’s “Walk.” Um…

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