The 12 Most Pointless Remakes Ever Remade

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  1. To be fair, despite the title “The Thing” is actually a prequel to the 1982 version. If you watch the 1982 film you’ll see the ‘copter chasing the husky at the beginning.

  2. Michael Philp says:

    Dredd was remade because they were attempting to be more faithful to the comics. Criticize them for failing in that, I don’t care, but don’t criticize them for not having a purpose. Same goes for The Amazing Spiderman, I’m stunned that people see no point to that film, it’s vastly different to Sam Raimi’s Spiderman.

    • Just a metalhead says:

      I strongly agree. Dredd was remade because the first one sucked, it was just a Sylvester Stallone vehicle, a bit like Demolition Man (which was at least a lot of fun). It was just Sylvester Stallone in Dredd’s costume. Dredd as a specific character was nowhere to be seen.

      So Dredd exists to give a chance to the actual comic and character to shine. It is not in any way shape or form, useless (insofar as movies in themselves aren’t considered useless).

  3. Joanna Schroeder says:

    As I’ve harassed Sean about before, the worst remake ever made was The Truth About Charlie that failed miserably to remake Charade, one of the best movies ever made.

  4. There are a lot more pointless remakes that could have been on this list.

  5. Mostly_123 says:

    “I propose that any truly, groundbreakingly awful remake henceforth be known simply as ‘a LaBouef’.”

    I like it, and I plan to start using it.  

    ‘Run children, run! It’s Shia LaBouef!! I mean-  it’s Mutt Williams, from ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!’

    Seriously, watch the video and tell me it isn’t… Though mind you, why would Shia LaBouef need cereal, big or otherwise…

  6. You can fill books with lists of pointless remakes. Some well-deserved picks on this (special nod to Planet of the Apes and Get Carter)

    Close to the top of my list is “Point of No Return”. “Nikita” is classic Luc Besson coolness. There’s absolutely nothing the can or should be added. And styling Bridget Fonda as a ruthless killer? Hello?

    • Mostly_123 says:

      Good point- So many pointless remakes or, if you will, ‘LaBoeufs’
      Good examples there. Two more too bad to ignore:
      The 1999 film “Avengers” with Uma Thurman and Ralph Fienes as Emma Peel and John Steed.
      And the Will Farrell remake of “Bewitched” ugh.

  7. Mr Supertypo says:

    The worst remake I have seen until now, is Conan with J. Momoa. The WORST REMAKE EVER (IMO). I like Momoa his good, but in this movie, I dont get the impression he is a barbarian, I get more the feeling he is someone POSING as a barbarian. And whats up with all the overused CGI and weird location? poor story line, no epic music, no epic shot? sigh I miss Arnie.

    Total recall, wut no mars? a corrupt government instead. But there are plenty of thise movies, honestly how many movies are outhere about a cool guy fighting against corruption and evil governments? cool shots and high tech scenary. Its almost like Minority report had sex with a doped matrix with a drunk total recall. Pointless.

    How about the REC series? turned into Quarantine or Let the right one in –> Let me in btw a well done remake is Jim Carries Fun with Dick and Jane.

    The thing (prequel) was actually good, it could have been done better, but I was quite satisfied. Prometheus (prequel) was a disappointment, the space jockey, the most enigmatic creature to have ever existed was simply a giant albino in a suit? bah! And whats up with all the religious references?

    Well IMO instead wasting time with remakes, they should focus on creating new stories invent new things. But time to time, a well made remakes make its to the screens, but its rare.

  8. Paul Buckner says:

    The fact that you listed ‘Aliens’ as one of your favorite movies reveals that you can’t be that much of a Ridley Scott fan…that was a James Cameron movie. ‘Alien’ (singular) was Scott’s movie. Prometheus was a prequel, giving us a little more information on the Xenomorphs, where they came from, how they got to the moon of LV-223, etc… I think the movie was a bit ham-handed, but to say it was a needless ‘remake’ is inaccurate.

    • seanbeaudoin says:

      And yet I didn’t list “Aliens”, I listed “Alien” which means….I’m not sure what it means, except that you may have a difficulty with plurality, which, if it persists more than four hours, should probably be treated by a doctor. If you are prepared to argue that a prequel isn’t a thinly-veiled remake, than you are probably also prepared to argue that “Missing In Action II: The Beginning” is also a work of pioneering genius.

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