50 More Must-See Films

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About Steve Jaeger

Steve Jaeger grew up in suburban New York but has lived in the Washington, DC area since his teens. He is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY and worked as a chef for more than thirty years. He is an avid baseball fan, history buff and never misses Curb Your Enthusiasm. He lives in Arlington, VA with three children and a cat.


  1. Paul Markevicius says:

    I just spent 30 minutes trawling my emotional database, only for the gremlins to wipe it…here’s what I remember typing!
    Sunrise, Murnau, Casablanca, Streetcar Named Desire, On The Waterfront, North By Northwest; Wild Bunch, Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid; ONce Upon A Time in America / West, Some Like It Hot; Betty Davis in anything, James Stewart, It’s A Wonderful Life, Harvey; Orpheus & La Belle et La Bette (Cocteau) , Les Enfants Du Paradis, Philadelphia Story, Obscure Object of Desire, Wings of Desire, Top Hat (& others!) His Girl Friday, Big Sleep, The Master, Cash, The Heiress, Cyrano, Manon De Source, Little Miss Sunshine, Annie Hall, Taxi Driver, The Godfather, (Italian movie, set in small town with Alfredo the projectionist who loses his sight), and I know, I will be thinking in 5 minutes, how could I not add…

    • steve jaeger says:

      Once Upon a Time in America just missed my cut, I loved His Girl Friday and many of the others on your list.

      • Paul Markevicius says:

        I had seen a remastered copy of Last American Picture Show, on your first list…And it has become, one of my all time favorites of US cinema. The fact that we get treated to so many stars before they/ we knew they would be, with some giants to help them along…and the dirt-bowl depiction of dying small-town America is staggering. One scene with Cloris Leachman, when the teenage boy finally goes back to the house and in one emotionally wrought scene, right at the end of the movie, camera fixed on her face, in the kitchen, she portrays nearly every emotion of strained hope, pain, denial, disillusionment, forgiveness, hatred, bitterness and fatalistic acceptance of it ain’t getting any better/ he ain’t coming back. It blows me away every time. And was v pleased to see Tin Drum at the top of 2nd list…did we talk about Dr Zhivago.?

        • steve jaeger says:

          I saw Dr Zhivago when I was thirteen and had my first serious boy/girl thing with Julie Cristy. My brother had worked at our local movie theater and his old manager would let me in for free so I saw it about ten times in the two weeks it was there. He also gave me all the promo material after the film had moved on. I had a poster and a bunch of lobby cards. Wish I still had them…

          • Paul Markevicius says:

            yes, but my God was she hot in that movie…smouldering sensuality with youthful awakening. Understand where Warren Beatty was coming from. Just saw The Master last night. Seemed to run out of steam a little towards back end and there was an expectation of more plot…but, OMG – what amazing acting from both of them…have you seen it? And great supporting performances…I was reminded of Joachim P’s performance, of watching Daniel Day Lewis how his physicality seems to inhabit the character…so much so, that even standing way off in the distance, in a field, with his back to audience, he exudes power and magnetism. JP was doing the same, and his portrayal of the character was so much about his physicality, his bent, twisted body shape, screaming his pain and awkwardness and insecurity…and his intrinsic beauty, willpower and strength. I’m just going with this…

            • steve jaeger says:

              I haven’t seen The Master yet but it’s on my list. I saw Argo last week and thought it was terrific very, very well done.

  2. Richard Aubrey says:

    Things haven’t changed much in Tennesee in the last ninety years.
    Cheap glory, accusing others of racism so as to be the pure and superior.
    What crap!

    • Richard Aubrey says:

      Incompleted thought: The Scopes Trial wsa ginned up by the locals to get publicity and business for Dayton, TN. According to Wiki, Scopes couldn’t remember if he’d taught evolution, but incriminated himself so they could have a defendant and a trial.
      The movie is fiction.
      But if it makes the urban hip feel superior to the inbred, Deliverance morons of flyover country, why not?
      We’ll even pretend it was a documentary.

      • steve jaeger says:

        Dude – who pissed in your grits this morning? As I say, “A FICTIONALIZED ACCOUNT OF THE SCOPES MONKEY TRIAL”. As with any movie, the story must be taken with a grain of salt but I recently watched an interview with an undergrad from U.Tenn and she answered a direct question, “Do you believe in evolution?” Answer, “No, I do not”.
        And yes, I realize that Scopes volunteered to be arrested to test the anti evolution statute and the resulting horrible publicity set Tennessee back at least a couple of months. I have spent a little time in the Volunteer State and would not recommend it for the feint of heart.

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