Music for Boys

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About Vincent Scarpa

Vincent Scarpa is a graduate of Emerson College, and the 2012 Norman Mailer College Fiction award winner. His stories have appeared or are forthcoming in journals like Hayden's Ferry Review, Baltimore Review, and plain china: Best Undergraduate Writing 2011. He tweets @vincentscarpa.


  1. wellokaythen says:

    It’s not news to me that Fiona Apple’s music can appeal to men. Certainly as a hetero male, I have always found something very compelling about her voice and the intensity of the vocal performance. There’s longing, desire, and a little sexy/crazy in her lyrics, at least in her earlier work. There is something about the smoky, sultry, groaning aspects of her voice that is very easy on my ears, like Lauryn Hill singing “Killing Me Softly.” That’s the pudding.

  2. Brian Reinholz says:

    Vincent, thank you for sharing your story. I think we’re always our own toughest critics, especially about insignificant things. You might be surprised by the myriad insecurities and wounds that those “manly men” have as well…probably many of them seek to be so overtly “manly” because of the same fears you’ve expressed.

    Wishing you the best on the next leg of your journey.

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