No Longer a Victim

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About Donald D'Haene

Donald D'Haene started his own successful theatre/opinion web site:, is an author (Father's Touch), Huffington Post Blogger, and was one of the male Survivors on the Oprah 200 Survivors Episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, November 2010. Follow Donald D'Haene on Twitter @TheDonaldNorth.


  1. Glad you see yourself as a survivor. Sorry to hear that happened to you though.

  2. Wonderful article and congratulations. Maybe Oprah might be interested in this children’s book Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept. I am an advocate for sexual abuse prevention education. See for a youtube clip by Debra Byrne, herself a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, reading the story, as well as information for parents, teachers and caregivers. We have done all our own publicity and the Goodmen Project have been SO supportive with writing a review of the book and publishing an article on 9 body safety tips for parents. Not so publishers and mainstream media. Many suffering from head-in-the-sand syndrome and never returning my emails. The brave voices of men and woman such as yourself must not be wasted. We need to EDUCATE kids now, so future generations never have to suffer as you did.

  3. “Molesters spot potential victims….I played ‘Spot The Victim’ and I couldn’t….We are no longer victims….”

    Thank you for this uplifting article…It is so true that talking about your experiences and meeting others like you eventually helps to free you from the past….So glad to see you transform and grow….

    I love Oprah, too, ….so amazing that she gives voice to those who thought theirs did not matter….

    • My best friend doesn’t love Oprah but I don’t care..I do! (He loves Mariah Carey thought so — well, that deserves a future blog LOL)…anyways, thanks for message…..I appreciate it!

  4. Donald,

    Thank you for all you do in exposing the truths, dissuading the myths and encouraging the traumatized. As you know, not all of us are willing to, or able, or interested in going public with this stuff. Some of us feel a compulsion however, and I’m guessing that’s you too.

    I encourage those who can articulate rebuttals and make proclamations of truth to call radio talk shows when the topic comes up. Write to local news. Do whatever is safe, but get the words of reality and truth out there.

    Thank you for your courage Don.

    • Rob…thank you so much for posting a remark because hitting your name link I then was able to see your page and look up your amazing story and this fantastic video interview with you: After 30 years on this subject, I’m one tough cookie, but your story moved me so…You’ve been through hell…and while I am not religious (that sort of got done in when I was introduced to God by my abuser) I so loved your happy ending…I was afraid, jaded as I am, that part 2 of your story was another path of abuse (as it is often for so many), but how wonderful that it wasn’t…People need to hear YOUR story…I also noted your expression: “uniquely evil kids” …you have great insight, my new friend. Take care! Donald

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