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About Greg White

Author, blogger, television writer, world traveler, and inveterate bon vivant Greg White is also a former sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps, now battling it out on the blogosphere at and

Greg has just finished his soon-to-be-published memoir about his Marine Corps boot camp experience. He served six years in the Marines. Truly a glutton, he also completed Officer Candidate School over the course of two summers---thus relishing the joys of basic training three times.

Greg has a voracious appetite for life and regularly contributes here and to The Huffington Post.

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  1. Wendy Miller says:

    Open and honest!

  2. great point of view. As a member of the National Guard, a Chistian. a Husband, (to a woman) a father and a guy that likes guys…. its good to see there are other sane people talking about this topic.

  3. wellokaythen says:

    One great thing about same-sex couples adopting children, really about anyone adopting children, is that there are no “oopsie” babies. You can’t adopt a baby on accident. You don’t wind up with an adopted child because someone forgot to take a pill or because you didn’t think pregnancy could happen from one-time sex in a tub tub. You don’t get drunk and wind up with a surrogate or IVF treaments. The people who want to adopt really have to want to raise children. None of them are stuck with children on accident.

    Unlike the half of all pregnancies in the U.S. today which are unplanned. [!!!]

    I wonder if gay men today feel even more pressure to be dads than straight men do. What few gay male couples there are on TV and in movies always seem to have children, except for the outrageously immature caricatured ones who party 24/7. A grown-up, responsible gay man who doesn’t want children? Practically invisible in our culture, partly because anyone who chooses to be childfree is still practically invisible.


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