True American Gods

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About Carl Pettit

Carl Pettit is a writer, illustrator and musician whose education and travels have taken him all over the world. When not out exploring, or pondering the universe, he finds time to produce fiction for both adults and children. You can catch up with him on his blog, or twitter.


  1. Interesting, but I wouldn’t limit it to comic books. Bugs Bunny is our trickster god, Spock is our Apollo, and even real,peopl can be seen as gods. Elvis has become our Orpheus, and several figures from Jim Morrison to Russell brand are our Dionysian figures.

  2. Peter Houlihan says:

    Wouldn’t that make them olympians?

  3. This is a cool article, I love the idea that we can closely relate to superheroes because we see ourselves in them. Here’s a fascinating idea I pondered recently.

    Superman is the most popular comic book character of all time, yet he isn’t human, but all the other major superheroes are (spiderman, batman, hulk, ironman) I believe we relate closest to Superman. I believe that deep down we recognize that we are acting small, and our power within is of superhero proportions. I don’t see us as humans trying to become superheroes, I see us as superheroes trying to act human. The word “human” even carries with it an inherent flaw. “Oh, he’s only human”, “that was a super-human effort”, “I guess I’m human after all”. Why is that? Is it such a crime to be what we are?

    What if instead of humans acting like superheroes, we are superheroes acting like humans.

  4. Carl Pettit says:

    I think it’s also noteworthy that when humans do terrible things that generally only humans do, like mass murder, genocide, extended torture and so on, we label those acts as ‘inhuman.’ What I think we’re really trying to say with the ‘inhuman’ label is that while these atrocities are actually very ‘human’ in nature, they fall short of the ideals of compassion and mercy that many of us, as a species, aspire to.

    Superheroes, from this planet or elsewhere, combine great strength with compassion, which gives them the ability to act on their convictions. It seems there might be a superhuman locked down in the psyche of the human race, trying to break free, in order to fight against the evils (those things that go against compassion) in this world that keep us from becoming the human beings we truly want to be.


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