About Adam Polaski

Adam Polaski is a writer, designer and organizer for Freedom to Marry, where he works with an amazing team to win marriage for same-sex couples nationwide. He also enjoys the New York Public Library, love stories overall, and the perpetual quest to go vegetarian. Follow him at @AdamPolaski

Committing to Being Dead

Matt Thompson had given up any possibility of coming home from Iraq—but he returned safely. Now, over a year later, he still can’t shake the urge to go back.

Love in the Time of Lymphoma

When Daniel Haack was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma at the age of 22, he started using a different line at bars: “Hey, my name’s Daniel, and I have cancer.”

Solitude: A Stutterer’s Reflection

Nothing can make you feel more alone than being unable to speak.

My Night as Ricky Martin

Wait, did my impersonation of the openly gay Latino superstar contribute to erasure of his gay identity?

New ‘Search for Gay America’ Showcases a Diverse Community

A new book of photography showcases diversity within the gay male demographic and shows that masculinity and homosexuality are not incompatible.

As the Parade Passes By

Pride parades, especially in traditionally conservative parts of the country, are important, visual demonstrations of LGBT activism.

Coming Out of the Cyber Closet

YouTube videos are just one way LGBT people are utilizing the Internet as an integral part of the coming-out process.

Interview With Kevin Arnold, the Man Behind Str8bro

The creator of str8bro talks to GMP about posing as a bro, researching male desire, and balancing humor with pointed criticism in his LGBT activism.

Bisexual Softballers’ Non-Gay Discrimination Suit Upheld

An ongoing lawsuit between three bisexual men and a gay athletic league is reflective of the fragmented state of the LGBT community.

Politicians Come Out for NY Marriage Equality

Why this week’s announcements from Cuomo, Bloomberg, DiNapoli, and Bruno declaring support for marriage equality are important.

Inside John Lasseter’s Animated Father Factory

Esquire’s new profile of Pixar creator John Lasseter explores the animator’s commitment to providing role models for boys—and their fathers.

Employment Ad Language Perpetuates Gender Divide

A new study indicates that job postings can unintentionally suggest whether positions are typically held by men or women

Despite Employment Uptick, Men Should Embrace ‘Feminine’ Jobs

Last year’s employment gains shouldn’t be interpreted as an end to the threats to male success in the workforce.

New Fall Show Teaches Us ‘How to Be a Gentleman’

A new sitcom from CBS explores masculinity by looking at two extremes of manhood.

Outserve Keeps the Spotlight on DADT with Leadership Summit

Association of gay, lesbian and bisexual military personnel will host the Outserve Armed Forces Leadership Summit in October

Genderless Baby: Experiment or Exploitation?

A Canadian couple is trying to raise their child free from impositions of gender. Some are calling it irresponsible; here, Adam Polaski argues that it’s a noble experiment.