About Allan Mott

Allan Mott was once accused of being a narcissistic goth lesbian by a disgruntled Amazon reviewer. That pretty much sums up his writing career (which includes 12 and 1/2 books and frequent contributions to such sites as XOJane, XOJaneUK, Canuxploitation, Bookgasm and Flick Attack,). His most personal writing can be found at VanityFear.com, where he uses the subject of B-Movies to mostly talk about boobs and stuff. Tweet him on the Twitter at @HouseofGlib.

How Do You Deal With Happiness?

Original Cinema Quad Poster - Movie Film Posters

I’ve spent more money on clothes this year than I have in the previous 37 years combined.

What’s the Sonic Equivalent of “Love” For You?


Joanna has informed me that my choice is extremely literal. I told her that metaphors are for the weak.

What Pieces of Writing Will Be With You Forever?

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Have you ever read something and had it hit you so hard that it never left your brain? I’m not talking about something that you made a deliberate effort to memorize, but a sentence or paragraph that was so utterly perfect you instantly absorbed it into your psyche?

How Would You Most Want to Be Immortalized In Art?


A book? A song? A poem? A painting? A sculpture? A movie? A TV show? A quilt? A ballet? An opera? A play? A YouTube video?

Would You Expose the Most Embarrassing Moments of Your Life, If You Knew It Would Make a Difference?


Though they cannot explain it, the filmmakers from the future insist your film is responsible for a 4% difference in the amount of unhappy, dissatisfied people.

What Works Do You Only Now Realize Helped Make You Who You Are Today?


As a kid I was shocked that people could actually ban something as basic and normal and natural as dancing based on their religious convictions.

Are You Good at Practical Jokes?


Are you above such things? If not, suggestions are most definitely welcome.

What’s the Strangest Class You Have Ever Taken?


It was a good class and I learned a lot, but ultimately any course where you get credit for watching Dirty Harry is going to get my full thumbs-up.

What’s the “Battle Song” in the Soundtrack of Your Life?


Often I’ll find myself listening to songs specifically because I think they are the perfect accompaniment to the film scene version of what I’m doing at that moment.

What Fictional Universe Do You Most Want to Live In?


Movie, book, TV show, epic poem, comic book, Concept album, ad campaign, play, opera–doesn’t matter what kind of fiction it is….

What’s the Most Random Movie Scene That Makes You Cry?

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 1.58.23 AM

These are five movie scenes you might not expect that make me cry every single time.

What Would It Take To Make You Support Secession?


How far would those you oppose have to go before you finally said, “Eff it, we’re starting our own country!”

What’s the Best Book You Never Finished?


Sometimes you encounter a book that you know is objectively excellent, but which hits a nerve in a way that you simply cannot keep reading it.

The First Date Deal Breaker Files Part Eight: Objectively Enthusiastic.

The Fountainhead Gary Cooper

You see a lot to like on their bookshelf, but then your eyes meet the section that is seemingly devoted to the entire bibliography of Ayn Rand….

Waffles or Pancakes?



Do We Really Want to Live In a World Where No One is Ever Offended?


Even the best of us with the best of intentions will eventually run into a situation where we say or do something that has offended someone–it’s literally impossible to avoid.