About Allan Mott

Allan Mott was once accused of being a narcissistic goth lesbian by a disgruntled Amazon reviewer. That pretty much sums up his writing career (which includes 12 and 1/2 books and frequent contributions to such sites as XOJane, XOJaneUK, Canuxploitation, Bookgasm and Flick Attack,). His most personal writing can be found at VanityFear.com, where he uses the subject of B-Movies to mostly talk about boobs and stuff. Tweet him on the Twitter at @HouseofGlib.

What’s Your Favourite Music Mystery?


Many of the best songs ever written beg questions that might never be answered.

I Wrote Almost a Dozen Books About Ghosts, Which is Why I Am 100% Certain They Do Not Exist


And by posting this I now have a link I can share with people before they start telling me their “undeniably unexplainable” true stories of personal ghostly encounters.

Do You Believe in Ghosts?


I don’t and I’ll explain why in a few hours.

Would You Allow Yourself to Die Knowing Your Death Would Start a New Religion?


You DON’T have to let this happen. It isn’t inevitable. You can put a stop to it if you want to.

Cadbury Creme Eggs–Yea or Nay?


Where do you fit on the Creme Egg spectrum–extreme love, extreme hate or extreme indifference?

Why Don’t We All Invent Some New Random Easter Traditions?


5) Cadbury Creme Dregs: After Easter is over, we can all come down by chugging jars of slightly past-due fondant.

What Are (or Would Be) Your Dating Site Age Limits?


Age is just a number, but numbers are also an important part of math and you can’t do the math if the numbers don’t add up.

Transit Escalators—Walk Up or Stand Still?


You can often tell a person who doesn’t usually take the train based on how they act on the escalator.

What Are the Most Inaccurate Titles of All Time?


Sometimes titles can be deceiving.

Are You Good At Being Deferent?


xoJane’s Mandy Stadtmiller has got me thinking about who we show respect to and why.

What Are the Most Underrated Albums By Your Favorite Performers?


What albums by your favorite singers and bands do you think are so much better than their failure and bad reputations would suggest?

These 5 Albums Are Hated, Ignored or Both, But I Will Defend Them Forever and Ever and Ever


Not everything can be genius every single time. But among these disappointments there is often gold and that’s what this post is about.

What’s Your SNL Dream Team?


You’ve been given the opportunity to craft your perfect episode of Saturday Night Live.

Barbie, G.I. Joe, My Little Pony or Transformer?


Pros: Your own Dream House. Cool car. Great clothes. Have your choice of career, including doctor, businessperson and princess.

What’s Your Real Life Mutant Ability?


I have the amazing ability to make all of the staples disappear out of a stapler simply by picking it up and attempting to staple something.

Run, Jog or Stroll–You Gotta Choose!

Run Lola Run LB R

Per the usual far-fetched circumstances you are faced with an equally far-fetched choice.