About Andrew Ladd

Andrew Ladd is the blog editor for Ploughshares. His work also has appeared in Apalachee Review, CICADA, Memoir Journal, Paper Darts, and The Rumpus, among others, and his first novel, What Ends (New Issues Press, January 2014), was the winner of the 2012 AWP Prize in the Novel. Follow Andrew on Twitter @agoodladd.

Ladd as a Lad

Andrew Ladd Shares a snapshot of childhood in 1990s Scotland.

Are We Just a Bunch of Wires?

A new book about neuroscience says humans are nothing more than the connections between our brain cells. How does that change what it means to be a good man?

Reading For All Mankind: Stop Arguing, Start Listening

A new book about knowledge in the Internet age reveals an important lesson about being a good man.

Reading for All Mankind: Is Gossip a Good Thing?

You’ll never guess what Andrew Ladd said about Joseph Epstein’s “Gossip.”

Reading for All Mankind: Good Men, Manga Style

A new series of biographies retells the lives of history’s great men—in comic book form.

Reading for All Mankind: Why a Decline in Violence Might Be a Bad Thing

Steven Pinker’s new book argues that our culture has become less violent. Andrew Ladd wonders what other evils that decline might hide.

The Many Faces of Pain

A new memoir by a trauma surgeon sheds light on the different ways we can all suffer.

Reading for All Mankind: Do ‘Good Men’ Think Too Much?

A light-hearted new book by Damon Young and Panama Jackson about dating that suggests the debate about being a good man has become too intellectual.

Reading For All Mankind: The Voodoo Wave

Andrew Ladd reviews a new book about surfing, and wonders what it can teach us about being a good man.

Reading for All Mankind: How Should Good Men Treat the Planet?

Sometimes living a ‘green’ lifestyle can seem difficult if not impossible. Andrew Ladd reviews three recent books that try to figure out why.

Reading For All Mankind: How Soccer Makes The World a Better Place

If you didn’t watch the Women’s World Cup final last month, you missed out on more than a great match. Andrew Ladd reviews three books that explain how soccer can save society.

How One Cuban-American Won the Pulitzer

Prizewinning author Oscar Hijuelos talks to Andrew Ladd about his new memoir, growing up in Harlem, and men’s struggle for identity.

Unlikely Reasons to Have More Kids

Andrew Ladd reviews two new books with very different messages about child rearing.

In Defense of Fathers

Andrew Ladd reviews Donald Unger’s “Men CAN.”

Staying in the Lodge: Robert Lipsyte’s ‘An Accidental Sportswriter’

Andrew Ladd reviews Robert Lipsyte’s An Accidental Sportswriter and considers the problem of homophobia in professional sports.

The BEK Interview: ‘Everything Is Going to Be Okay’

Andrew Ladd interviews Bruce Eric Kaplan (better known to readers of “The New Yorker” as BEK), who has a new book out.