About Atalwin Pilon

Atalwin Pilon is a former bad boy from Amsterdam who had an experience of spiritual awakening at 32. Since that moment he committed to the truth and lives from his heart. Currently he is traveling the world on a quest for meaning, aiming to make a difference. Follow him on his blog Basic Goodness, Facebook and Twitter. You can try him out as your life coach too, if his voice speaks to you. Email him. He will be honored.

My Ego Pissed Somebody Off and That’s OK

Atalwin Pilon wonders about the tradeoffs of honesty and likeability.

How to Fail at Meeting the Girl of Your Dreams

The universe gave Atalwin Pilon a single chance to meet someone he was wildly attracted to. And he choked.

Thoughts on Happiness and Fear

Atalwin Pilon knows he isn’t happy 100% of the time. But is that even the point? If not, what is?

What Makes Me Unique?

If you have the courage to lead others you should also have the courage to change yourself.

Feeling Famous

I am feeling almost famous and I have to combat those parts of me that are afraid.

“We Steal Secrets” – How The Shadows Of Julian Assange & Bradley Manning Change The World

On Assange, Manning, and the external and inner demons they face.

How Not To Sell A Coaching Program

I walked away from an opportunity because something rubbed me the wrong way. Did I do the right thing?

A Precious Practice

Communication is much different after going weeks without speaking.

Another Morning in the Zendo

Nightmares of betrayal leave me with a sense of distrust and sadness.

Full Moon, Fresh Vows

On Buddhist ceremonies, writing, and how my life would look from an alien’s perspective.

Going Step by Step

Being preoccupied with the steps you wish you were taking causes us to miss the beauty and importance of the small ones we can make.

Dustin Hoffman, The Beautiful Girl & The Inner Mirror

“There are too many interesting women I did not have the experience to know in this life because I have been brain washed.”

Inside the Mind of a Procrastinating Meditator

Is my curiosity or my desire to escape reality propelling my procrastination?

Unexpected Love from Istanbul

Events happening on the other side of the world are much more personal when the protesters you see on T.V. are your close friends.

I Never Thought I Needed Role Models

Atalwin Pilon thought he had to figure out everything by himself. What a surprise when he looked to others and things suddenly got easier.

On Growing Up Without a Father

Atalwin Pilon remembers seeing his father just three times in his life. And yet, his dad was an integral part of Atalwin’s journey for inner peace and balance.