About Bill Cloke

Dr. Bill Cloke has worked with individuals and couples’ for 30 years. He received a master’s degree in education from the University of Southern California and holds a Ph.D. in psychology from California Graduate Institute. A frequent talk-radio and tv psychologist, he is also a contributor to PsychologyToday.com, Care2.com and other popular websites and has lectured at UCLA. Bill Cloke lives with his wife in Los Angeles. Bill's book Happy Together has won the Nautilus and Benjamin Franklin Silver Awards for 2012. To learn more about Bill Cloke, and for more resources on creating healthy, happy relationships, visit his website.

10 Things This Therapist Wants You To Know Before You Get Married

wedding day

Dr. Bill Cloke has worked with many couples in his long career, and there are few things he thinks you should know about your partner before you tie the knot.

Does Anger Belong In Loving Relationships?


Dr. Bill Cloke meets a lot of angry couples in his therapy practice, but he’s developed an effective system for resolving conflict without screaming and yelling.

Fighting a Lot? These Tools Can Help


Even the best relationships have conflict. But the trick to long-lasting and stable love is knowing how to battle it out in a healthy way.

10 ‘Ifs’ for a Happy, Loving Relationship

happy together couple

Therapist Dr. Bill Cloke has helped a lot of couples through their worst times, and offers some simple advice for how to build a loving relationship.

How Not to Cheat

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Marriage is simply hard work. But the good news is that attitude is everything.

Bad Medicine: Teens and Alcohol

teens drinking, teens alcohol, teens decision making, teens development, My First Drink, Dr. Bill Cloke

Teens and young adults are more likely to drink without regard for the consequences, making “self-medication” with drugs and alcohol even more dangerous.

Why Do Men Cheat?


Biology explains why men stray, but reason and affection hold the keys to happy, monogamous marriages between women and men.

When Trust Is Lost Can You Find It Again?

sandoz GMP divorce

Some damage cannot be undone. Bill Cloke on what it takes to regain intimacy.

The Truth about Porn and Relationships


Dr. Bill Cloke on how to recognize and treat porn addiction before it destroys your relationship.

Life Lessons From My Cat


We could live and love with abandon, if we were more like cats.

Why Are Men and Women So Different?


How female and male brains can explain why we’re so different.

Why Men Have Trouble With Intimacy, Part II


Men with emotions aren’t feminine, but our cultural attitudes suggest otherwise. Dr. Bill Cloke on being a real man who talks about his feelings.

Why Men Have Trouble With Intimacy


Real intimacy, unlike sex or hanging out, requires a vulnerability the man code prohibits.

7 Ways to Work Out Negative Emotions with Your Mate


How to transform conflict with your mate into compassion.