About Brandon Ferdig

Brandon Ferdig is writer from Minneapolis, MN. He shares his personal growth pieces, human interest stories, and commentary at his blog. He is currently writing a book titled New Plateaus in China, a compilation of travelogue, personal experience, human interest, and social observations from China. You can follow Brandon on Twitter @brandonferdig.

No Money for Adult Bookstores

Should businesses make decisions on moral grounds?

In the Not-Now

What does it say about Americans that the public is already starting to talk about candidates for president for 2016?

Privilege vs. Rights: an Important Distinction

If health care is a right, then what is the cost of freedom?

The Boiling Point of Aaron Swartz’s Suicide

Has Aaron Swartz’s death exposed state corruption?

A Tiny Word That Makes a Huge Difference

Word choice colors how we see one another: as having attributes, or embodying them.

A Man in a Woman’s World: Being a Substitute Teacher

How I learned that men need a greater presence in the world of childcare

How Black Friday Brings Out the Needy and Greedy in All

Here’s a glimpse into the madness for all the suckers who were too good and lazy for (or—admit it—afraid of) Black Friday shopping. These ravenous shoppers show you what the holidays are REALLY all about…

Alone on Thanksgiving

Brandon Ferdig didn’t realize how bleak being alone on a holiday could be, until a quirky schedule caused it to happen to him.

Justice Going to Pot

Our Minnesotan boys in blue have been caught green-handed pulling some peculiar police work.

Life at a Funeral

“A tree doesn’t rid itself of its rings.” Brandon Ferdig is shaken by the death of his grandmother, and chooses to remember how her life connected with his.

Is Our Vote Determined By Our Biology?

Brandon Ferdig discusses Jonathan Haidt’s ideas of openness within a moral matrix to look at how we vote.

On “White Men Who Vote for Romney”

Brandon Ferdig wants to discuss what he thinks is one of more dangerous, race-based articles you’ll read all year.

Can States Outlaw Free Online Education?

Minnesota requires a registration fee, even when courses are offered for free, online. Is this justifiable? Can it be enforced?

The Doctor who Went to Heaven

Did Jesus and Einstein describe the same universe? A neurosurgeon undergoes a near-death experience and emerges a believer.

Beyond the Two-Party System

The two-party system has bottle-necked democracy. No wonder Chinese people laughed at Brandon Ferdig’s descriptions of American campaigning.

Liberals and Conservatives: Ideology over Science

What you believe should be true limits what you are willing to believe is true.