About Brian Bowers

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, self-published author and freelance writer Brian Bowers is a graduate of Oberlin College. After studying in Cairo, Egypt, Bowers was drawn to the idea of sustaining and unifying diverse cultures through all forms of creative expression.

With a title inspired by a line from Rabindranath Tagore’s Gitanjali Bowers’ first published work, Shadows Chasing Light, is a poetic narrative exploring a wide range of emotions and experiences. In addition to writing, the self-proclaimed ‘multi-medium’ artist is also a singer, pianist and amateur photographer. The author currently resides in Houston, but looks forward to exploring the world through art and creativity while broadening his knowledge of spirituality and the human experience. Visit Brian on the web at www.BrianBowers.co or follow him at twitter.com/iambrianbowers

The Pain of Separation and the Love Within

Poet Brian Bowers on grief and goodbyes, and the way love is woven through them both.

The Aftermath of Abandonment, What Becomes of the Brokenhearted?

His father abandoned him time and time again, but Brian Bowers has found his own path to peace and acceptance.

God Nods at the Piano

How does learning piano teach spiritual freedom? Brian Bowers discovers the big lessons in the small ones.