The Daily Show Tackles Child Labor on US Tobacco Farms

Think dangerous child labor is something that happens in “third world” countries? Think again. Tobacco farms right here in the USA are using agricultural labor law loopholes to exploit kids as young as 7.

A Social Movement to Fight AIDS, Malaria and TB

In the past decade we’ve made huge advances in several important global health indicators. Why? Stronger relationships between science and social movements.

GOP and Dem Leaders Hold Hands, Sing “We Shall Overcome”

A moment meant to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 has been called awkward, hilarious and beautiful. Here’s the video. Where do you stand?

A 2-Minute Video For When You Need To Dig Deep

We often use metaphors from fighting to get through the struggles of our everyday lives. Here’s one inspiring video that shows why.

Here’s a List of What One Guy DID NOT Buy From TARGET Today

The easiest way to create social change is to wield your consumer power wisely. Here’s one man setting out to do just that.

Green Berets in Iraq: “Our boots will not touch the ground. You just watch.”

Immediately prior to their recent deployment in Iraq, the Green Berets were awarded their BJJ black belts from Grandmaster Hener Seagull.

Things Break Apart

Cameron Conaway offers a rhythmic meditation on his time at the notorious shipbreaking yards of Bangladesh and with the desperately poor but endlessly generous people who live in the villages beside them.

The Art of Bee Bearding (Video)

Ruan Liangming breaks the Guinness World Record for time spent covered in bees.

Fight Polio and Be Part of a Guinness World Record

Rotary has masterminded perhaps the largest polio awareness initiative of all-time. It just broke the Guinness World Record, and there’s still time to be part of it.

Will There Ever Be An End to Commercials Like This?

Olivia Wilde’s latest commercial for Revlon is, wait, hold up, yup… I just threw up in my mouth.

WARNING: Violent Street Fight (Gracie Breakdown)

Rule 1 of how to win a street fight: Avoid the street fight. Rule 2: Know the basics of hand-to-hand survival.

How To Be a Loser, by Former UFC Champion Rich Franklin

“There’s a potential loser in each and every one of you.” Rich Franklin wants you to find your inner loser in order to be your best self.

LOCKED UP: Mandatory Life Without Parole

Over 2,000 Americans are serving life sentences for drug charges. This documentary seeks to free six of them.

Portrait of My Grandfather: 80 and Still Cycling

In this beautiful 6-minute documentary, a grandson captures his grandfather’s lifelong passion for cycling.

Top 10 Bruce Lee Quotes For Writers

Former MMA fighter and award-winning poet Cameron Conaway highlights ten Bruce Lee quotes that can be applied to the craft of writing.

Unspoken Assumptions: When Men are the Dead

The death toll at the Turkey mine disaster has now reached 232, and “hopes are diminishing” for the many others still trapped. Women aren’t mentioned, so we can assume the dead are men.