About Carl Bosch

Carl Bosch has appeared in publications as varied as the New York Times and Cricket magazine. His books for children have sold over 60,000 copies. An educator for 38 years (soon coming to an end) he's now working on storytelling through MouseMuse Productions and performing marriage ceremonies as a Justice of the Peace.

Kudos to ‘People’ for Stepping Up and Taking a Stand

Carl Bosch has something to say to people who support their freedom to bear arms. As well as the media organizations like ‘People’ who are standing up against gun violence.

Nine Weird Things I Hate (Some People Will Understand)

Carl Bosch, with a bit of a rant.

Nine Weird Things I Love (Men Will Get It, Ladies, Please Understand)

From work boots and convertibles to tiny baby fingers and perfect cocktails, these are the things that Carl Bosch loves. And he knows his guy friends will understand.

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

Carl Bosch is just looking for a little honesty. And sometimes he finds it.

Grocery Cart Kids

Take your kids to the grocery store, and keep the video games at home.

The Manly Charm of Shoveling Snow

Carl Bosch loves shoveling snow. But not because it makes him feel manly.

The Bully Epidemic

Carl Bosch wants to know what happened to the “kinder, gentler” America that some of us hoped for and politicians hyped?

55 Years in School: And So It Stands

Can you miss a building almost as much as the people within? Perhaps.

The Language of Mean

When kids don’t want to be nice to each other, they have their own euphemistic way of going about it. Here’s a guide.

55 Years in School: One Million Five Hundred Thousand

A Holocaust exhibit in The Hall of Tolerance is one way Carl Bosch’s school is changing the world one student at a time.

I Want to Be an Astronaut

Carl Bosch wants his students to find the things they love and go after them.

Could You Help Me Please, My Condoms Won’t Scan

Carl Bosch admits to not being handy with the things that would make him seem more manly….and less embarrassed.

Men Are Peacocks At Heart

Everywhere Carl Bosch looks, he sees guys who just want to be noticed.

Products for Prodigies

Carl Bosch wonders if baby equipment called “Bright Starts Exersaucer Triple Fun Around We Go Active Learning Center” can really increase a child’s IQ.

A Man, His Machines and a Mishap

The bond between a man and his machines can be unbreakable.

Men Should Be More Hawaiian

Carl Bosch returns from Hawaii with a tan and a new look at manhood.