Men Are “Man Enough” To Handle Porn, Thanks

Alain de Botton may not be able to keep morality and porn in the same brain, but I sure can.   I promised myself I wouldn’t get addicted. I assured myself that I stop any time I wanted to, that I was fully in control of my own actions. I was my own man and damn anyone […]

Six Things I Learned from #LiberalTips2AvoidRape

Bless their little hearts, the right-ward leaning segment of America has taken it into its head that it can maybe shake that whole “soft on rape” problem by promoting anti-rape measures.

Are You Dating a Serial Killer? Psychology Today Thinks You Might Be.

Charles Emrich is here to help you come to grips with the Bateman-esque monster Psychology Today thinks you’ve fallen for. Sometimes you have to expose yourself to awful things to remind yourself that they exist, that evil exists. Past the darkness at the end of the streetlights, you can hear it. It’s out there in […]

There’s No Insincerity In Irony

Charles Emrich defends irony from its detractors. Sincerely.

Why We Don’t Talk About Relationships.

Charles Emrich talks about what keeps us from talking and wonders why we don’t have more of it. (It being, obviously, syntactic ambiguity.) When we talk about gender and sex we spend a lot of time railing against them, they’ve got a lot going for them, too. And I don’t mean this in a lazy, […]

Humping the Uncanny Valley: The Sexiness Gap in Men’s Sex Toys

Charles Emrich looks at the state of sex toys for men and plumbs some pretty distressing depths.

Why “Unbirthing” Is Good For Everybody

Is it too late in the game to say “the internet changes things?” I know that’s very late-nineties-trend-piece of me, but it’s still going on and we’re still discovering what it means. Our dull, meaty monkey brains just move so much slower than the things we make with them. So, for now, I’m going to […]

Your Humble Editors are Reading Fifty Shades of Grey.

Because of course we are. Did you think we’d let you down? Never, baby. We’re gonna stick with you through the end. And we’re gonna protect you, and give you expensive gifts and get all up in your business and maybe cross a few lines but only because we’ve never wanted someone as much as […]

Call Me Old-Fashioned, Maybe

Pop is timeless. That’s sort of what’s cool about it. At its best it’s really universal and effortlessly relatable.[1] At its weakest, it’s boring and predictable music rehashing tired tropes we’re all sick of. And sometimes instead of being timeless it falls into anachronistic. And that’s squarely where Anointed Summer Jam of Twenty-Twelve “Call Me […]

I got called a concern troll last week. I almost laughed aloud. For everyone not priorly familiar with the trendiest terms of disregard in SJ circles, a concern troll is a pretty bad thing to be. I’ll defer to better-curated voices than mine. Rationalwiki states that a concern troll “visits sites of an opposing ideology and offers advice on […]

Look, Kitten, You’re a Rhetorical Monstrosity

After long discussion, your humble editors have come to the conclusion that Look, Kitten might actually embody The Worst About Internet Feminism as She Is Practiced. Given that fact, it feels almost a little unfair to argue against it. It’s like taking down a straw-man, except with a veneer of intellect ual respectability added because, well, someone is […]

Seven Totally Fearless Radical New Things to Spice Up the Sexy Back Into Your Va-Jay-Jay On The Go, All Night.

1. Punch him in the chest. Studies that we gesture at vaguely and never cite show that this increases blood flow, which can really heat up that “special time of night.” 2. Ok, alright. Seriously, I don’t know why we have to say this aloud but: you can do other stuff while having oral pleasantries. […]