About Chuck Ross

Chuck Ross is a freelance writer living in the Midwest. He blogs daily at Gucci Little Piggy where he writes on economics, social commentary, and men's issues.

Business Travel with Dad

drug sniffing dog, border crossing, business travel, driving across the US Mexican border

Chuck Ross relates a father and son bonding experience at the U.S./Mexico border.

Mrs. Antihero

Skyler White, I hate Skyler White, why people hate Skyler White

We love to watch bad guys on TV. Why do we love to hate their wives almost as much?

A Person Is Not a Closet

closeted men, gay men in straight relationships, coming out, athletes coming out, pro athletes in the closet, masculinity, engagement, marriage, starting a family, living a lie

Did Jason Collins use his former fiancee, Carolyn Moos?

A Threat and a Promise

wedding proposals, giving engagement rings, popping the question, asking her to marry you, how to ask her to marry you, The Good Life, Chuck Ross

Pro tip from a waiter: don’t enlist the staff in your wedding proposal. But if you do, do it right.

Why We Sleep Together

co-sleeping, sleeping together, sharing bed

Why do we share a bed with the one we love?

Maker’s Mark Broadens Target Audience for Their Whisky


Will watering down their whisky water down Maker’s Mark’s reputation? The premium whisky distiller becomes a case study in branding.

What Does ‘Mitt’ Mean?


Would you vote for a ‘Willard’ over a ‘Barry’?

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening


Near the end of a long life together, a husband finds himself alone with yet ” … promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.”

Why Do We Still Circumcise Boys?


Whether childhood circumcision is acceptable or not is an ethical question, not a medical one. Chuck Ross asks, why did we ever circumcise boys?

Hot For Ginger

gingers Rupert Grint and Rutherford Hayes

Chuck Ross has heard it all his life: You’re hot … for a ginger.

Trust Me, I’m Lying: Interview With Ryan Holiday


Media guru Ryan Holiday exploits the chinks inherent in the armor of the news-gathering process, and the fourth estate fights back. Chuck Ross interviews a self-admitted media manipulator.

Up Shit Creek


Chuck Ross knows what it’s like to be in over your head.

Kids’ Menu

tough customer (baby in a restaurant)

Chuck Ross encourages parents in restaurants to practice dictatorial hegemony. (Has he mentioned that he’s a waiter?)

He’s No Zucker

Monopoly game board

Chuck Ross asks brides-to-be: Is it all about the ring? Mark Zuckerberg gave his bride a paltry $25K engagement ring. Is ringflation out of control?

Scenes From a Starbucks: Blind Date


Chuck Ross pieces together the crumbs of a first date going on behind him in the coffee shop where he’s sitting right now.

The Lost Art of Kissing


Chuck Rudd thinks porn has ruined it for us all, especially when it comes to kissing.