About Cornelius Walker

In 2000 Cornelius Walker was named Ambassador of Useless Knowledge. Not one to rest on his laurels, he has since redoubled his efforts towards learning a little about everything and a lot about nothing.

Father and Son Have “The Talk” – The Yoga Pants Talk

When Cornelius Walker observed his son’s particular interest in a girl wearing yoga pants, he realized it was time to discuss respecting the right of women to feel safe and secure.

Should Brian Banks’ False Accuser Be Charged?

Cornelius Walker asserts that the woman who falsely accused Long Beach football star Brian Banks of rape should pay for her crime.

False Rape Accusation

Cornelius Walker comments about the problematic story of a young girl who falsely accused her father of rape, admitted her crime, and is not being tried for the offense.

Obama, The Anti-War, Government Niggling Divider?

What do you think Rick Santorum was trying to say, when he stumbled over a word that sounded an awful lot like the N-Word?

Why Can’t We Stop Policing Sex?

Cornelius Walker wants us to stop treating women’s bodies and sex as something to be bartered for political gain.

Race, Discipline, and My Two Biracial Sons

As new data appears about the disparity of discipline based upon race and gender, Cornelius Walker wonders how the perception of race will affect his two sons.

Walking While Black – Calling For The Arrest of George Zimmerman

Cornelius Walker knows how it feels to be judged for being a black kid in a white neighborhood.