About Danny

Part techie, part gamer, and part cook, Danny can often be found tinkering with a PC, pondering short story ideas, or playing a game. When asked, “If you're so opinionated, why don't you start your own blog?” one time too many, he did just that. As a result, Danny's Corner was created as a place for the rage, confusion, comedy, and calm that are natural for one that's pondering the basics of being a man. He can also be found haunting Twitter from (@dannyscorner).

Reaching out to the “Elliots” of the world

Danny writes a letter to Elliot Rodger in hopes that someone else might see themselves in that situation and get the help they need.

Well Played, Axe. Well Played.

Danny doesn’t normally like Axe’s marketing strategy. But the “Make Love, Not War” ad is definitely something a good thing.

Do You Really Wish It Had Been You?

Rape is not sex seems like the most obvious fact in the world. Then why do we call some guys “lucky” asks Danny.

100 Words on Love: Satisfy The Heart

To find love is to fill the void.

Are You Okay With a Black Santa?

Danny explores whether the “Can Santa Be a Black Man?” bulletin board was inherently racist.

The Good Men Playlist: Black Tape for a Blue Girl’s ‘Given’

Danny Gibbs doesn’t need a full playlist, just one single song to give voice to despair.

Why Is Chasing Sex With Women a Requirement of Masculinity?

Danny wonders why men must be on the constant search for a woman to have sex with in order to prove their value as men.

Dear Families: Tips For Talking to Your Sons (or Parents!) About Masturbation

Self-pleasure is considered one of the most uncomfortable topics between parents and kids, but it doesn’t have to be. Here, Danny helps parents and boys start a respectful and important conversation.

Former NFL Cheerleader Arrested for Sexually Assaulting a 12 Year-Old Boy

Danny explains the necessity of taking the sexual assault of a 12 year-old boy seriously, and reacts with anger at tweets shaming the young victim for resisting the advances of an older woman.

Op-Ed: This Is Not How You Support Men’s Issues

Danny points out that supporting men does not have to come at the expense of supporting women.

Newspaper Deliveryman Pulls Shooting Victim From Burning House

Danny recounts another story of a good man.

Open Thread: What are you doing tonight for Halloween?

Open discussion: Is Halloween just for kids, or are you going to celebrate tonight, too?

Open Thread: Should Sex Offenders Have Their Participation In Halloween Limited?

A new law band sex offenders from decorating for Halloween. Does this law go too far or not far enough?

Open Thread: How Effective Would a Civil Rights CAPTCHA Be?

A new morality-based CAPTCHA system designed by Civil Rights Defenders suggests it can help keep commenting trolls away from your blog. Do you think it will work?

Conan O’Brien’s Fat Girl Rapist Joke Against Olympian Holley Mangold

After Conan O’Brien tweeted a joke about Team USA weightlifter Holley Mangold, many were outraged at the insult against the athlete’s weight. Danny digs a little bit deeper.

“Gay Tests” – Pass or Fail?

Danny has a few things to say to the creators of the “Gay Test” meme…