About David Pisarra

David Pisarra is a Father's Rights Attorney in California. He is the host of the Men's Family Law Podcast available on iTunes and his website is www.MensFamilyLaw.com.

The No-Win Situation Every Male Domestic Violence Survivor Faces

David Pisarra explains how men are trained not to hit back, then shamed for not defending themselves.

What About The Men?

Family lawyer and men’s advocate David Pisarra aims to shine a light on the hidden side of domestic violence.

Men Stay in Abusive Relationships for the Same Reasons as Women

Divorce lawyer David Pisarra looks at the universal reasons why people stay with abusive partners.

A Letter of Support for Erik Walden—a Domestic Violence Survivor

David Pisarra wants NFL linebacker and domestic violence survivor Erik Walden to know he’s not alone.

How the Well-Meaning Super Bowl Commercials Fumbled Domestic Violence

David Pisarra offers a play-by-play analysis of the need to expand our thinking and inclusiveness on domestic violence and abuse.

The Daniel Crespo Killing: Self-Defense or a Case of Gender Bias?

A man is dead after fighting with his wife, and David Pisarra asks some uncomfortable questions.

Stay At Home Dads Should Thank Betty Friedan and Co.

David Pisarra sees the changes in the way men and dads are perceived, he sees the changes in the homes and courts—and he gives credit to feminism for helping to make that happen.

Raise Your Voice, Lose Your Child

David Pisarra, a Men’s Rights lawyer, discusses ‘the new type of abuse—the marginalization of fathers.’

When Men Need Restraining Orders

Family lawyer David Pisarra explains when it’s appropriate for a man to get a restraining order against his partner.

A Guy’s Divorce Survival Guide

Guys may think leaving is the right thing to do for the sake of the family, but according to family lawyer David Pisarra, there are a few things they should know before—and after—they walk out that door.

Sex Ed: The Forgotten Chapter

Family lawyer David Pisarra argues that teaching young men how to use a condom isn’t enough—they need to know what can happen if they don’t.

Fighting For Your Kid

The damage men do to themselves, their family, and their legal status by leaving the home before they have to.