About Drew Bowling

Drew Bowling is a writer, erstwhile photographer, and highly decorated factotum living somewhere in the United States. His writing lingers on language, gender, mental health, and occasional raves about outer space. Keep up with his fancy musings over on Twitter.


My not-so-secret glee of violating urinal etiquette.

How We Say Sex

Are we portraying good sex with bad imagery?

Legitimate Crepes: On the Use of Irony

Irony doesn’t always have the intended effect.

Man Up / Man Down

Hipster Sexism doesn’t serve humanity any better than the Classic variety.

Watch Your Mouth

Why something that sucks shouldn’t be a bad thing.

“Breaking Bad” with a Crotch Grab

What are guys actually saying when they clutch their package at someone?

Playing Hard to Get

Casually used phrases like “playing hard to get” reduce women’s choices to a game.

Like a Man, Approximately

Telling men to act “like a man” isn’t doing anybody any favors. So stop.