About Duncan Alldridge

Duncan Alldridge has a background in teaching drama, directing theatre and working on community theatre projects. He is the founder at Our Masculine Heart, a platform for the creative exploration of the male path, and offers creative workshops for men rooted in theatre practice, movement and play. He is currently working on a collaborative theatre project called DEEP DIVING MEN in London, UK. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter.

Landscapes of Tears Men Cannot Cry


Have you ever seen a man cry? How often?

Does My Black Dog Really Answer to the Name Depression?

black dog-y cdsessums-flickr

Duncan Alldridge learns to move past his depression.

Is Your Man Redundant or Abundant?


Duncan Alldridge reflects on the tendency of men to fall back on laziness and abandon their potential abundance of their work when they are without a sense of purpose.

You’re Not Alone Man, You’re With the Men

photo by sabbeke

Duncan Alldridge asks and answers the question “What’s the point of a men’s group?”

Bringing It to the Men


Men coming together can improve their relationships with women, too.