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Earl Hipp runs a blog about men, boys, male culture, mentoring, rites of passage, and men helping boys on their journey to manhood. You can find it at ManMaking.com You can follow Earl on Google+.

Does Being Pro-Boy Mean “Anti-Girl”?

Are our boys falling behind in education? Earl Hipp on how to handle this issue in fairness to both genders.

The “Walking Toward Manhood” Rite of Passage

A glimpse at the ancient tradition of the ‘walkabout’ as practiced today, in which some young men sing to survive and others ‘walk to listen.’

When Teen Boys Lose Hope

Hopeless and angry young males can do desperate things. How mentors can stand by in their times of crisis.

Urinals, Graffiti, and Boys Being Seen

Being invisible in a high price to pay for being a teenage boy.

Absent: A Film about Fatherlessness [Video]

Some people will fight their whole lives for the acceptance they never got from their fathers.

Guys: Check Your Balls

Are testicular exams women’s work?

Wild Boys, Wilderness, and Woodcraft Rangers

Predecessors of the Boy Scouts of America, Woodcrafters still bring nature-deprived boys out into the wilderness.

Ancient Male Rites of Passage

How do you know when you’ve become a man?

A Guy’s Wilderness Canoeing Adventure

When young males are without older men as guides to the natural world, it’s easy for them to be completely disconnected from nature.

Men in Schools—For Boys

Earl Hipp sits down with youth mentor Dave Bolduc and discusses his successful social skills program.

The “Man Code” and Pillars of Steel

Friendships between men are the true spiritual and structural pillars of our lives. Earl Hipp reviews Brian Plachta’s book, Pillars of Steel.

Fishing and the Good Men Factory

What does fishing have to do with making good men?

Manning Up: Women’s Rise, Men’s Demise?

Book author Kay Hymowitz examines the trend in young men who fail to launch.

Love Shouldn’t Hurt

Earl Hipp’s niece was killed by her husband in a murder-suicide. This post is dedicated to both of the victims of tragedy.

Tattoos on the Heart: A Book by Father Gregory Boyle

“Building prisons to address crime is like building graveyards to address AIDs” — Father Gregory Boyle

Healing the Absent Father Wound

An engaged and loving father is the most powerful man-making force on the planet.