About Eirik Rogers

Eirik Rogers grew up in upstate New York's lake-effect snow belt south of Lake Ontario, and thawed out in southern California. He embarked on eight years of undergraduate and graduate science education, but realized a greater passion for writing. Along the lines of what Maya Angelou calls the "melody" of the English language, he uses words to express deeper truths on a variety of human interest topics. Eirik currently lives in a quiet river town with a partner his state of residence will not allow him to marry, and two cats that the state seems to be OK with.

Why Do We Sometimes Smile At The Death Of Another?

Eirik Rogers admits he smiled when he heard of the passing of Westboro’s Fred Phelps, but realizes something else would have made him smile even more.

The Secret Strength of Good (Gay) Men

How are you defined as a man? For Eirik Rogers, being gay has defined him in a world of good men – but even more, it has defined him outside that world.

The Special Gifts I Threw Away

As a survivor of abuse, Eirik Rogers spent many years suspicious of the kindness of others.

My Life as a Snake

Like his beloved pet snake, who lay dying on his lap, Eirik Rogers knows how it feels to be cast out of the garden for your sins.

I Should Have Been Finding Him Reasons To Live

After losing his best friend to suicide, Eirik Rogers was flooded with grief and on the brink of taking his own life—until another man’s story saved him.

My Long Education in the Meaning of Gratitude

After facing his own serious illness, Eirik Rogers sends up gratitude to the king of grace-at-the-end: Lou Gehrig.

Times Change, Hate Loses to Love, and Students Protect One of Their Own

There are many signs of seismic cultural shifts, writes Eirik Rogers, the most recent being the symbolism of Texas A&M Students vs. The Westboro Baptist Church at Lt. Col. Roy Tisdale’s Funeral.

My Father and the Trees

It’s been thirteen years since his father passed, and Eirik Rogers is still learning how to say goodbye.

The Sandusky Verdict: Stepping Out of the Shame

Eirik Rogers sees himself and all other abuse survivors in the brave men who testified against Jerry Sandusky, but is reminded that there are too many abusers still walking free.

Adam Sandler and Rape Culture

Eirik Rogers chastises Adam Sandler for glorifying and making light of statutory rape in his new film That’s My Boy.

Outgrowing Uncle Chuck

Eirik Rogers talks about having, and losing, an uncle who could never progress past childhood.

Obama on Gay Rights: The Cool And The Passionate

Eirik Rogers discusses the President’s political approach to gay rights.

Soul Pitcher: The Mets’ R.A. Dickey

Abuse survivor Eirik Rogers praises the bravery of New York Mets Pitcher R. A. Dickey for speaking openly about the sexual abuse he endured as a child.