About Emery Petchauer

Dr. Emery Petchauer is assistant professor of teacher development and educational studies at Oakland University. He is the author of Hip-Hop Culture in College Students’ Lives: Elements, Embodiment and Higher Edutainment”. (Routledge)

A Former Lincoln University Professor Speaks Out Against President Jennings’ Rape Apologism

Dr. Emery Petchauer takes President Jennings to task for failing the men he should’ve been mentoring when he gave a rape-apologetic speech.

How to Fit 100 Kindergarteners in a Single Room

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What Educators and Students Can Learn From Hip Hop

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Teachers Refusing to Give Tests: Why We Should Support Garfield High School

Dr. Emery Petchauer explains why the community should stand behind teachers who refuse to administer standardized tests in our schools.

The Chicago Teacher Strike is Also About the Future

Teacher and Professor of Education Emery Petchauer explains how he came to understand the necessity of teachers union strikes.

Detroit Public Schools – Kicked Out Of School For Learning?

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What Happens When Teachers Are Publicly Ranked?

Dr. Emery Petchauer warns that the ‘best and brightest’ young adults recruited into teaching will want no part in a profession that is humiliated by outsiders.