About Emily Heist Moss

Emily Heist Moss is a New Englander in love with Chicago, where she works at a tech start-up. She's a serious reader and a semi-pro TV buff. She writes about gender, media, and politics at her blog, Rosie Says. (Follow her: @rosiesaysblog, find Rosie Says on Facebook). 

Talking to Your Daughter About Beauty

“I still remember the names of two girls my father identified as pretty in a fifth-grade class picture.”

Can Gendered Advertising Icons Affect Change?

Emily Heist Moss wonders if advertising can be activism, or if it’s just a reflection upon society’s expectations.

Can I Date a Single Dad?

It’s easy to respect single fathers for everything they do, but harder to commit to one, because it’s really two commitments.

Unwelcome Boners, Cuddlers & Exes

A trio of Chicago friends doles out relationship advice with an improv-inspired, sex-positive podcast.

What Is My Body For?

Telling your daughter she can be strong and capable will never be the same as letting her find it out for herself.

Why I Believe Men Belong in the Feminist Movement

Emily Heist Moss believes that creating a culture where women are complete members of every facet of society means enabling men to be complete members of every facet of society as well.

Michele Bachmann and the Politics of ‘Bitch’

Emily Heist Moss wants to do away with the extra-special, gender-specific insult that women sometimes get handed to them.

Blowjob Jokes and Exclusionary Tactics in the Workplace

Emily Heist Moss wants us to be able to talk about the appropriateness of sexual conversations in the workplace, instead of just dismissing concerns.

Could I Fall in Love With the Bus Driver?

As she continues to gain perspective, Emily Heist Moss realizes a good man may not be too hard to find.

Why I’m Grateful for Joint Custody

Like clockwork, Emily Heist Moss split her time between her dad’s house and mom’s house after they divorced. Here’s why she’s glad she did.

What’s Your Number? Here’s Why I Don’t Care

Does it really matter how many people you’ve slept with? Emily Heist Moss doesn’t think so.

You Can Get Laid Without Being a Jerk

There are a lot of ways to be a jerk when you’re trying to get laid. Emily Heist Moss writes a letter to her brother and his college friends about how to make hook-up culture about pleasure and consent, instead of “scoring.”

What If Your Partner Deployed to Afghanistan and You Couldn’t Even Say “I Love You?”

John and Ben fell in love, and then Ben left for his second tour in Afghanistan. John talks to Emily Heist Moss about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and the tangible impact on soldiers serving overseas and their loved ones at home.

Why Is ‘Going Down’ Often a One-Way Street?

Emily Heist Moss surveyed friends, strangers, and GMP readers about cunnilingus. What she found was intimacy, insecurity and the “ick factor.”

Why Am I Afraid of Math?

Despite parents of the you-can-be-anything-you-want persuasion, Emily Heist-Moss absorbed the misguided notion that math and science were not going to play a role in her future.

The Story of Men is the Story We Decide to Tell: A Single Woman Traveling Alone

Emily Heist Moss prefers to look at the kindness of strangers rather than worry about men as sketchy stereotypes.