About Erin Kelly

Erin M. Kelly is the Social Justice Editor at The Good Men Project. She is also a columnist and writer with Cerebral Palsy who wants to be recognized for her work rather than her disability. She’s a 2009 graduate of Penn State Altoona, where she majored in Letters, Arts and Sciences. During her senior year, she was hired as a columnist for The Altoona Mirror, the daily newspaper in Altoona, PA. Her column entitled, “The View From Here,” runs monthly and addresses in a light-hearted, humorous manner the challenges she faces daily. She is also the editor of "To Cope and to Prevail", memoir of Penn State Altoona professor Dr. Ilse-Rose Warg. Find Erin on Twitter @WriterWheels.

Through My Child’s Eyes

This video of a father and his autistic son at a Coldplay concert gives Erin Kelly a lot to think about.

Faces of Change: On History, America, and the 20 Dollar Bill

America is set to have a new face on the $20 bill, but the fight to make it happen rests largely on the shoulders of one person.

Changing the Lens: A Global Look at Disability and Education

This video shows what can happen when we widen our world-view of education and disability, and realize that they go hand-in-hand.

End Game: Life in Simulation

When a video game mirrors the struggle of a young girl and her dying father, she thanks the creators in a beautiful, unexpected way.

Becoming Bulletproof: A World Unseen

A groundbreaking documentary strips down life and disability while breathing new life into the film industry.

A Glimpse of Superman Without His Cape

A young survivor of the Brussels attacks is teaching humanity to re-think what it means to be Superman, onw viewer at a time.

The Real Lines Between Fantasy and Reality: The Media vs. Disability

How harmful can the media be in the portrayal and perception of disability? A new PSA causes a divide between the disabled community and disability advocates.

Inside the Wall of Stereotypes: Listening to the Voice of the Disabled

How can the collective voice of the disabled break down society’s wall of stereotypes? Erin Kelly offers a few thoughts.

Coloring Outside the Lines

What does it take to define yourself beyond what others see? Nadia Aboulhosn is on a mission to shed new light on individuality, normalcy and masculinity.

A Boy’s Dream: On Uncertainty, Hope and Reaching Out

What makes a man human? A young cancer patient reaches out to Dwayne Johnson for inspiration, but what he gets in return is priceless.

Leonardo DiCaprio: Oscar Winner, Revenant and Modern Man

Leonardo DiCaprio’s acceptance speech at this year’s Oscars wasn’t epic just because it marked his first win. It was a call to action for the sake of our planet.

Behind the Voices: The Power of Social Media in the World of Disability

How can social media impact the voices of the disabled community? A group of disability advocates take to Twitter to make their mark.

The Whole World in Your Hands: A Message of Youth and Power

What does it take to mold the future? Bill and Melinda Gates believe teenagers hold more than just the key.

Practice What You Preach: The Dangers of Undercutting Disability in Business

What happens when you disregard your own policies in the business world? A disability-related company’s mistakes are leaving Erin Kelly with questions.

The Little Girls Behind the Men: A Glimpse of Global Corruption

How far will mankind go to tarnish the beauty and legacy of women? One man turns to the power of music to raise awareness.

James Ellis and Sarah Redmile: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Normalcy

What is “normal”? A disabled couple redefines the right to lead an average life.