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Stop Making Murderers Famous

Justin Kanew calls for a new plan of action when it comes to homicidal killers: not giving them fame.

Not One But TWO Indian Men Reunite With Their Families After 20+ Years

An epic video of a man who was separated from his family on a runaway train as a young boy will move you… and yet, there’s more.

Nobel Sends Amazing Tweet to Peace Prize Winner

Just minutes before announcing that the OPCW would win Nobel Prize folks were desperately trying to get ahold of them… via Twitter?

Metal Dad With 3 Kids Strapped to Himself Plays Amazing One-Handed Drum Cover

Three tiny kids, one dad, and a drum solo.

Stop Comparing Mark Sanford and Anthony Weiner: It’s Just Lazy

Empty your head of what you know and what you think you know and look at these two vastly different scandals objectively.

Kobe Bryant Tells ‘Em: Delete ‘Your Gay’ From Vocabulary

Kobe Bryant takes an opportunity to spread an anti-hate message, showing he’s learned a little something after using hate speech against a ref in 2011.

Wild Video: Bulgarian Party Leader Escapes Assassination Attempt

Over in Bulgaria, an opposition leader had his own close-up brush with a gun on Saturday.

Video: Alabama Fan Surprises Dad With Ticket to BCS Championship Game

Dare you not to well up as you watch the best surprise Christmas present video of the year.

Val Kilmer as Mark Twain Will Crush Your Mindgrapes

Val Kilmer’s portrayal of Mark Twain is uncanny. Maybe even more so than his Jim Morrison.

The Kinkiest Student Newspaper Article Ever

Cooper Fleishman hopes that the Harvard Crimson article about BDSM is just a sign of things to come.

What Are the Oscars Telling Us About Modern Father-Daughter Relationships?

The Descendants and A Separation, both up for Academy Awards, take an interesting look at the Millenial–Boomer dynamic.

Modern Love Story: The Cuban Singer and the Jackass

Moving to New York City is difficult for anyone. Now try moving to New York City … from Cuba … to be with a guy like me.

Raising Genderless Children

A look at the difference between sex and gender as it relates to child raising.

The President Airs His Grievances

President Obama gave a great speech on Tuesday, Slade Sohmer writes, so let’s just leave it at that.

Should Porn Actors Have to Wear Condoms?

The porn industry supports safe sex—but not by choice.

Your New Year’s Resolution Is Going to Fail

My New Year’s resolution is to stop lying to myself on the first of January.