About J. A. Drew Diaz

"I’m a guy ... I’m a guy you want around when the ship runs aground, the garage catches fire, a fight breaks out, if your dog is full of porcupine quills. If there’s a raccoon crazed  on rat bait in your garage I’m the guy you want next door. I make my living with a cell phone and a computer---and in my garage I have tools for making tools. Every vehicle I have ever owned has a punctured seat because I jumped in with a tool in my pocket. My raw feed appears at standup2p.wordpress.com.

What Are You Able to Do?

Drew Diaz says that in an emergency you need to make a conscious choice: either walk towards it or walk away.

In Utero

For Drew Diaz, trouble with alcohol began early.

What Are You Prepared to Do?

In case of a violent attack, J. A. Drew Diaz says that it’s time to embrace the corollary to the Boy Scout motto: be prepared to fight back.

Well Done, Weld One

Some things are rocket science, but welding isn’t one of them (unless you’re working on a rocket, or a fire escape).

Ten Things I’ve Learned About Walking into a Bucket of Blood in a Strange Town (and Getting Out Alive)

“This is why pirates wore eyepatches. You want some night vision as soon as you get in there.”

Why Does It Always Have to Be Me?

Drew Diaz wants to know why he’s got to be the heavy, every time.

Open Thread: How Do You Know How to Do What You Do?

In which activity do you pay tribute to the one who taught you how?

Where the F**k Do I Surrender?

A family history of addiction and recovery.

Bank Walkers and the Code of the Locker Room

There are two types of guys—bank walkers, as they say in Texas, are guys who are unashamed about their nakedness. Drew Diaz on the man code and gym culture.

A Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem

Not every suicide looks like a suicide.

Do It Yourself, America

In a world where anyone can watch fifteen ways to sharpen a hand saw or to build a rail gun, is craftsmanship lost?


For every job there is a tool, and a method.