Waiting for Spring: a Winter Fairy Tale

Jackie Summers presents a parable of seasonal change.

F*ck Club

“The first rule about F*ck Club is: you don’t blog about F*ck Club.”

Sleepless Night: Waiting for Morning With a Girl on My Mind

Lying in bed and trying to sleep it off isn’t exactly the best way to get over an ex…

Memories of Messy Rooms: The Dust Was Once My Skin

As I clean my place, I realize that what I’m sweeping and wiping away used to be a part of me (literally).

The Ballad of Betty and Veronica, Part III: Stripped and Totaled

We were on our last lap, so close to the finish line…

The Ballad of Betty and Veronica, Part II: Life With a Stripper

This woman was NOT just some stripper…

The Ballad of Betty and Veronica, Part I: Falling for a Stripper

Strip clubs are straightforward: girls dance naked for money and guys pay to be chauvinists. Not exactly the best place to find yourself a date … right?

Trouble from the Start: A Retrospective

“Betty was the first woman I dated seriously after my marriage ended, and everything about her screamed trouble from the very start.” Jackie Summers goes to the Dominican Republic and gets more than he bargained for.

The Insomniac’s Club

Jackie Summers spends another night with Insomnia. It’s going to be a long one.

Strange Fruit

Jackie Summers asks us to ignore, for a moment, the fact that threatening the life of a president is treason.

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Video: Men Throwing Rocks With Their Other Hand

Fun video of guys throwing rocks with their non-dominent arm.

The Emerald City Part 2

How do you know if somebody loves you?

The Emerald City [part one]

Jackie Summers, on the early adopters of internet dating, and pain that gets locked away but never really goes away.

I Am Ronin

Jackie Summers on rogue Samurai and being single.

The Exquisite Lover: Part Three

Jackie Summers with part three of his “Exquisite Lover” series. This time, he talks about intimacy and artistry.

The Exquisite Lover, Part Two

Jackie Summers on technique: “Technique is noticed most markedly in the case of those who have not mastered it.” ~ Leon Trotsky