About Jamie Reidy

Jamie Reidy is a former U.S. Army officer turned little blue pill pusher turned author. His first book "Hard Sell: The Evolution of A Viagra Salesman"
served as the basis for the movie "Love and Other Drugs" starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Jamie is currently writing his new book, "Game On: One Fanatic's Fantastic, Foolish and Futile Attempt to Attend 365 Sporting Events in 365 Days." He discovered his latest story featured on Good Men Project - "Hope Shoots and Scores" - on Day 39 of his crazy journey.

The Scent of a Man

For Jamie Reidy, a certain scent conjures up vivid memories of his father. And he is eternally grateful for the reminders.

From the War Zone – The Soccer Game That Changed Lives in Afghanistan

What happens when very different nations come together to play the world’s favorite game? Jamie Reidy learns about peace-building from a few soccer-loving American service members

Family Time With a Capital “Tea”

Jamie Reidy is willing to admit being more than a little bit jealous of the lessons Spencer and Wesley Vultaggio have learned from their dad… Namely, how to be the master brewers of America’s favorite tea in a can: AriZona Iced Tea.

11 Reasons I Maybe Shouldn’t Have Kids

Jamie Reidy loves kids, but he’s pretty sure he’s not prime Dad material.

Is Te’o Gay? Does it Matter?

Jamie Reidy, a 1992 Notre Dame graduate, explores a new theory being put forward about the duped All-American.

Confession Time: I Called a Phone Psychic

Jamie Reidy undergoes a psychic reading on the phone and writes about it—as predicted.

Kleenex Alert: Football Star Doesn’t Score Touchdown So Grieving Teammate Can

Jamie Reidy shares a heartwarming story that reminds us that sports allow us to excel as good people, too.

Pissing My Pants: Betraying My Manliness at the Sight of Needles

Jamie Reidy’s fear of needles is getting better, but he’s still taking it a step at a time.

Of Mice and Mobsters

Jamie Reidy credits Mario Puzo for teaching him about sex, and calls out Coppola for the pathetic portrayal of the most dangerous member of the Corleone Family.

Home of The Masters Golf Tournament Finally Adds First Female Members

Jamie Reidy comments on the historic Augusta National Golf Course’s adding women.

World’s First Pregnant Man Wants Divorce

Open Thread: Things Guys Call Each Other

Jamie Reidy lists the informal names men call one another. Did he miss any?

An Open Letter to Wes Welker: Be Brave, Be Bald!

Jamie Reidy comments on Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker’s hair transplant.

Video: Star Wars Characters Do “Call Me Maybe”

Jamie Reidy shares an ingenious and hilarious version of the Carly Rae Jepsen smash hit.

Hilarious Comic Con Video: “Thank you for your service”

Jamie Reidy shares a funny video of a patriotic southerner interviewing Comic Con attendees.

Sandusky Victims: Tear down the Paterno Statue Yourselves

Jamie Reidy urges the Sandusky victims to tear down the Paterno statue themselves.