About Jared Karol

Jared Karol lives in Oakland, CA. He is a writer, an editor, a musician, a humorist, a rider of public transportation, a gay rights activist, the father of boy/girl twins, a San Francisco enthusiast, and a bunch of other stuff. You can find his writing on his personal blog, Lick the Fridge. He is also the co-founder---along with Amie Shea and Erin Margolin---of The Gay Dad Project, an exploration of the unique family configuration where one parent has come out as gay.

Mr. Johnson, You Have AIDS

As a kid, I thought AIDS was just a joke. I know now that it’s not funny.

Another Perspective to Help Put It All In Perspective

A son gains the maturity to contemplate the complexities of his mother’s identity and relationship to his father, who came out as a gay man.

Having a Gay Dad: Once a Stigma, Now a Source of Pride: Jared Replies to Amie

Jared Karol on dealing separately with the confusion of having a gay father, and the man his father was.

The Gay Dad Project Letters: Jared’s Response to Erin

When you’re a teenager and your father comes out as gay, you can end up feeling like there’s no one you can tell. Erin and Jared exchange letters about their experiences as the children of gay men.

I Think You’d Be Proud of Who I’ve Become, Dad

Jared used to be embarrassed to have a gay dad.

The Power of Ignorance

14-year-old Jared Karol didn’t understand when his father told him he was gay. Now grown up, he hopes his own children won’t go through the same thing.

Dear Flying Spaghetti Monster

A tale of love, loss…and pasta.