About Jasmine Peterson

Jasmine Peterson is a feminist and an activist. She is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Clinical Psychology. Her research has examined social constructionism, self-objectification, and, most recently, conceptions of health and their impact on males and females.

Bigorexia: Masculinity and the Pursuit of Muscularity

Jasmine Peterson wonders why so many big men want to be bigger.

Mandatory Monogamy Doesn’t Work Either

Jasmine Peterson was polyamorous, her husband wasn’t… guess which one cheated.

Dad Is NOT a Synonym for Babysitter

Jasmine Peterson is against all stereotypes that position dads as the secondary parents.

Monogamy Isn’t For Everyone; Polyamory Isn’t Going to Ruin the World

Jasmine Peterson is somewhat annoyed that it took her 27 years to learn about polyamory.

I Don’t Need a Hero, Just a Loving Man

Jasmine Peterson wants men to help women become the heroes in their own lives.

Toward Equality (For Everyone): A Response To ‘The End of Feminism (As I Knew It).’

Jasmine Peterson is a feminist who believes in men, and believes in equality for all. And she wants Valter Viglietti (and other men) to understand this.