About Jason Greene

10 years ago, Jason and his family made the choice that he would be the one to stay at home with the kids. 3 kids later (and another on the way), they still believe it was the best choice. He now navigates his days homeschooling, traveling, coaching sports, and doing chores. Read more at TheJasonGreene.com and follow Jason on Twitter @TheJasonGreene and on Instagram @TheJasonGreene

The Day a 10-Year Old Held His Dad’s Hand

The act was a simple one. It was an impromptu gesture. But for this dad, it moved his world and awakened his heart with a moment he would savor forever.

A Dad of a Daughter Sounds Off: We Need to Ditch the Term “Diva”

When a stranger calls his daughter a “diva” this dad started to fume. He decided to speak out. Here is why he wants us to get rid of the term for good.

276 Nigerian Girls Were Abducted While We Were Reading About the Kardashians, Bieber and the NFL Draft

Jason Greene insists that if you’re a parent, you should be angry about this, and he wonders what you’re going to do about it.

No Place I’d Rather Be: A Response To The New York Times

Jason Greene sometimes wonders “what if” when he thinks about his role as stay at home dad, married to a breadwinning wife. But not for long.

Paying it Forward in Love and Death

Jason Greene finds that simply being there may be the best consolation

Talking to Your Kids About Nuts

One father’s conversation with his daughter about genitalia is educational for both.

Basic Baby Care from One Dad to Another

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A Father’s Pledge to Help End Domestic Violence

Jason Greene commits to being a role model for his children about how to end domestic violence.

Roughing it on the River

Eight year old teaches dad the joys of a kayaking camping trip

Starring Jason Greene As Daddy

From hungry actor to full-time father, Jason Greene muses on the paths he took and the ones he didn’t.

10 Delivery Room Survival Tips For First-Time Dads From a Cocky Father of Three

Jason Greene fancies himself a delivery-room expert. Here he offers 10 pro-tips to dads on how to survive the birth of their first child.

The Ninth Circle of Hell – Dante and the DMV

Dante has nothing on Jason Greene, who stood in line at the DMV for an entire day… With three kids.